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This survey commissioned by National Geographic found that
41% of Americans believe that stocking up on supplies or building
a bomb shelter is a wiser investment than a 401(k).

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MAY 24
The San Andreas' Sister Faults Are Active in NorCal

Earthquake Swarm Continues Shaking Near Bremerton
Seismic Swarm in Progress Beneath the Seattle Fault
Half of Texas Town Still Without Power After Storms
Massive Landslide Buries Iconic Highway in Big Sur

Causes Record $1B in Highway Damage
Big One Threat: Earthquakes Swarm Triggers Major Concern as Peru Rocked By Daily Quakes

Heat Reaches 122ºF in India, Leaves 200+ Dead
Dad Dies After Eating Gas Station Nacho Cheese; 9 Others Hospitalized
CDC Warns Dangerous Crypto Outbreak on the Rise in Pools and Waterparks
Running Out of water, South Africa's Cape Town Asks Everyone to Cut Water Usage, Including Tourists
In Poor Taste: This 14th Street Restaurant/Retail Pop-Up Is Serving “Pill Cosby” Cocktails

Portland Burrito Shop Forced to Close After Getting Hounded for ‘Stealing from Mexico’ – language warning

Planned Parenthood Closes Clinics But Continues to Collect $500 Million a Year in Taxpayer Funding
Living in Cities 'Puts Teens at Greater Risk of Psychotic Experiences'
Time Travel Might Be Possible Through Black Holes and 'a Cunning Plan', Experts Claim

My Month with Chemtrails Conspiracy Theorists
Miners Find 794 Pound Emerald in Brazil
Scientists: Europe Was Birthplace of Mankind, Not Africa
Tooth That Proves 'Triceratops-style' Horned Dinosaurs Roamed Eastern US Could Rewrite Our Planet's History

MAY 23
At Least 22 Dead, 59 Injured at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester

"Everyone Just Trampled Over Us Just to Get Out."
ISIS Claims Responsibility
May Says Concert Attacker ID'd, But More Info Needed
Related: 3,500 Suspected Terrorists in UK - But Powers to Monitor Used Less Than in 2015
DHS Says 'No Specific Credible Threat' to Music Venues in US
Trump Condemns 'Evil Losers' Who Carried Out Manchester Attack
ISIS Plot to Blow Up Ports With Bombs on Fuel Tankers
ISIS Tests Chemical Weapons on 'Human Guinea Pigs' – Plan to Contaminate Western Food Supply
Soaking Storms to be Double-Edged Sword for Southeastern U.S. This Week

Record-breaking Heat Poised to Bake West Coast

Monstrous 64-foot 'Megawave' Spotted in the Southern Ocean
As ObamaCare Markets Tighten, Lawmakers Feel Squeeze for Quick Fixes

Possible Leak Found at Washington Nuclear Site
Single-Payer Health Care Would Cost $400 Billion Annually in California
New Ebola Outbreak, or Is It a Hoax?
Colonel Sanders' Nephew Reveals Secret Ingredients of KFC’s Fried Chicken

Botulism Confirmed in California Nacho Cheese Outbreak
Nathan's, Curtis Brands Included in Massive Hot Dog Recall
Sheriff Ordered to Remove “Blessed are the Peacemakers” Decals

MAY 24

Trump and Pope Francis Meet, Exchange Gifts for the First Time at the Vatican
No Evidence of Trump 'Collusion' with Russia as Media Shift Focus
Trump Picks Marc Kasowitz as Outside Legal Counsel for Russia Probe
Concealed Carry Permit Holders Exposed By Data Breach
The Massie Theory: Trump's Voters Aren't the Ones Collecting Benefits
'Clown' Slashes Man to Death with Bladed Gloves

WaPo Claims $300 Million Class-Action Suit Against DNC ‘Frivolous’

Americans Say Nation's Moral Values in Toilet
Two Previously-Deported Sex Offenders Arrested Again near Border
Banamex USA to Forfeit Nearly $100M after Money Laundering Probe

Expert: Mandatory E-Verify ‘Is Coming’
Trump Border Wall Costs $24.5M Per Mile
Cartel Massacres, Rampant Corruption Taint Mexican Border State Elections

"This Is Probably Just the Beginning" - Chinese Banks Are in Big Trouble
Business Owners Tout Tax Reform but Some Oppose Border-Adjustment Tax
American Small Business Owner Rages at Politicians: "Quit Your Job and Try the Real World"
Poll: 1/3 of College Students Would Exchange Sex for Financial Help
MAY 23
Trump Gets Good Reviews Overseas, But Probe Still Casts Long Shadow

Dems Look to Veterans, Businessmen to Retake House Majority
Ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Will Invoke the 5th
Moo-chelle Obama Livin' Large

Longest Sniper Kill Ever – 1.5 Mile
DNC Chair Perez Booed, F-Bombs Fly at California Democratic Convention

Judy Collins Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

In Desperate Attempt to Remain Relevant, 71-Year-Old Cher Appears to Bare Breasts at Billboard Music Awards
Trump's ‘Taxpayer-First’ Budget Focuses Spending, Proposes $3.6 Trillion in Cuts

…Cuts Entitlements $1.7 Trillion, Slashes EPA 30%
How Tax Reform Can Bring Back US Manufacturing Jobs
Majority of Employers Say H-1B Reforms Will Return Jobs to U.S.
Trump to Call for 2% Cuts Annually to Non-Defense Spending

GE Announces $15 Billion of Business Deals with Saudi Arabia
Americans Are Paying $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt
‘Freeloaders’ Shaming of Tax Hike Opponents Backfires on California Gov. Jerry Brown
The Cyber Warfare Cell That Worries the West – North Korea's Unit 180
Journalists Brains Operate at a Lower Level Than Average

Solar Cycle Indices from the Photosphere to the Corona: Measurements and Underlying Physics
Dossier of Alien Sightings That Will Be Released After the Election Could Help Solve 'Britain's Roswell' UFO Mystery
Australian Telescope Finds Mysterious 'Fast Radio Burst' Just 4 Days After Switch on
MAY 24
UK Police Have 3 More in Custody Related to Manchester Attack

22 Deceased, 119 Wounded, 64 People Still Hospitalized
May Deploys 3,800 Soldiers on the Streets

World Monuments Illuminated with Britain's Union Flag in Tribute to Manchester Victims
Europe’s Denial of Islamic Terrorism Threat Perplexes Security Specialists

Tucker: Defend What You Believe or Lose It
Pat Condell: Storm Coming – The Death of Europe and Western Civilization
After 2 Attacks in England in 2 Months, the Religion Question: It's High Time the Terror-Driven Ideology Is Identified and Named in Order to Defeat It
ISIS Takes Control of Philippine City

ISIS Militants Take Priest and Churchgoers Hostage in Philippines
BEHEAD Police Boss…
Duterte Declares Martial Law Amid Deadly Clashes

Todd Starnes: Nations Around the World Must Stop Appeasing Islamists
Newt Gingrich: Deport Every Muslim Who Believes in Sharia
NKorea Attack Drones Carrying Biological, Chemical Weapons Can Strike Seoul in 1 Hour

Japan: US, SKorea ‘Cannot Be Optimistic’ About NKorean Nuclear Success
Trump Told Philippines President Duterte That Kim Jong Un Is a 'Madman': Report
Hundreds of Australian Indigenous Leaders Meet for Historic Summit on Recognition

MAY 23
Trump Calls for Peace in the Region, Tougher Line Against Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu's Subtle Jab Against President Obama

Netanyahu Greets Trump on His First Trip to Israel

Trump Becomes First Sitting American President to Visit Jerusalem's Western Wall

Israeli, Indian Firms Ink $630 Million Missile Defense Deal
Jerusalem Jubilee Festivities Begin

Obama’s ICE Released Nearly 600 Sex Offenders after Countries Refused Deportation

CBS: 800 Churches Nationwide Harbor Illegal Immigrants
Justice Department Asks U.S. Judge to Reconsider Ruling Against Trump Sanctuary Order
Staggering Number of Visa Overstays Now Biggest Problem in Illegal Immigration – 740K Illegal Immigrants Came Legally But Didn’t Leave in Time in 2016

Trump Seeking Only $1.6 Billion for Border Wall in 2018
Trump Calls to Cut Off Tax Breaks for Illegal Immigrants
Colorado Governor Pardons Felon to Stave Off Deportation
'El Chapo' Case Judge Executed Outside Home
Trump Meets Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem
Trump: Arab Leaders Ready to Take Steps Toward Israel
7 Moments from Trump's Speech in Saudi Arabia
Turkey Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Melee During Erdogan Visit to DC

Italian Coastguards Rescue 2,000 Migrants from Mediterranean Sea in Single Day
Visualizing the Rise of Young Asylum Seekers in Europe

Diamond Ring Bought for $13 at Car Boot Sale Could Fetch $455,000 at Auction
Rare Giant Fish Caught Off SoCal Coast

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