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Tensions around the world are escalating at an unprecedented rate and for the first time since the 1962, nuclear war is a distinct likelihood. It would fulfill prophecies given to many of God's people including Henry Gruver. (See Video of the Month).

It’s important to understand that a nuclear event is VERY SURVIVABLE. A horrible myth circulates today that a detonated nuke is the end of life. This is false unless you are at ground zero or very close. Public fallout shelters in America were dismantled or re-purposed in the 70s so it's up to us to make our own preparations. All it takes is a decision of whether to shelter-in-place or walk away, and know what to do in either case. This is detailed in Chapters 44 and 45 of Dare To Prepare. Chapters 47 and 48 explain what to do about Food and Water in a nuclear emergency as well as First Aid.

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AUG 16
New Threats from Al Qaeda: Inspire 17 Magazine Lists Specific Targets

It Doesn’t End With Davis: Radical Mosques in America
Shocking: Leading Voices of Islam in America

Evidence for a Muslim Antichrist

Q&A with Prophecy Experts: Part 2 – Will the Antichrist be a Muslim?
Hamas-linked CAIR Calls for Destruction of Every Confederate Memorial
India: Muslims Riot After Friday Prayers, Attack Police and Hindu Temple, Many Policemen Injured

ISIS 'Genocide' Seriously Threatens Religious Freedom

Not a Unicorn, But Close Enough: Majestic Snow-White Moose Filmed in Sweden

AUG 15
US Northeast Get Ready for a Cold, Wet Winter: Almanac Predicts Below-Average Temps and at Least 5 Storms

Inconvenient: Global Temps Lower Now Than When Gore Received Nobel Prize
At Least 300 Killed By Huge Mudslide After Heavy Rainfall in Sierra Leone

Worst Flood in 29 Years Hits Assam, India
Portugal Fights Record 220 Wildfires in One Day

Stan's Dream/Vision of West Coast Erupting Volcanoes
Major Nuclear War Coming to Iran

Trump 'Seriously Considering' a Pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Spanish Beachgoer Was Kidnapped, Murdered in Mexican Border State, Police Confirm

Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 64% in July
Feds Accuse Former Texas Police Chief of Working with Mexican Cartel

10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

AUG 14

Scientists Discover 91 Volcanoes Below Antarctic Ice Sheet – HOLLY NOTE: As Stan has shared over the last 2 decades in many interviews, 'global warming' isn't a product of human activity. The increase in Earth's heating is a natural process. Earth's oceans are one of largest storer's of warmth. Heat injected into this massive storage vault is slow to warm up and slow to cool Earth because water covers about 75% of it. However, more under water volcanoes – major contributors to global warming – are being discovered and mapped every year. The other big factor is the Sun. One of these days, egg-faced scientists – bought by climate change elites – will have to admit the truth. Every day another death peg is hammered into their myth of 'mostly human-caused climate change'. Example: Al Gore. His second attempt at an ill-conceived global warming movie has enjoyed another epic box office fail. He's not exactly living the example of reducing emissions because his 20-room house uses more energy than 34 times the national average. Obviously from his girth, a lot of the kilojoules are used to cook his food. Doubtful His Tubbiness is doing any of the property work unlike Pres. George Bush. "In just this past year, Gore burned through enough energy to power the typical American household for more than 21 years, according to a new report by the National Center for Public Policy Research. The former vice president consumed 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence, which includes his home, pool and driveway entry gate electricity meters. Over the last 12 months, Gore used more electricity just heating his outdoor swimming pool than six typical homes use in a year."

Central US to Face Rounds of Severe Weather This Week

Evidence for a Muslim Antichrist
'Historic' Baal Arch Condemned as 'Ancient Evil Manifesting Itself' – 'The Bible Says in the Last Days Evil Will Wax Worse and Worse'

Rick Wiles Warning: The Alarms Are Ringing Again
AUG 16
GOP, Dems Outraged as Trump Blames 'Both Sides' for Charlottesville Violence – Goes Nuclear on Media

Crews Removed Confederate Monuments in Baltimore Overnight – HOLLY NOTE: As senior correspondent, John Daniel Davidson, for The Federalist said last night, "This is not about the Confederacy. This is not about the Civil War. This is about political power. It's about a small group of people on the left trying to exert outsized influence on American politics by following in the footsteps of Mao, the armed thugs in the Weimer Republic [and] theTaliban. These tactics are well-known. It starts by tearing down statues, burning books and eventually you go after people."
Black Lawmakers Say Confederate Statues Should Come Out of Capitol
Black Lives Matter Wants to OUTLAW Confederate Groups and Flags Now – HOLLY NOTE: You can't change history or erase it by removing historical monuments. As someone once said, those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it.
It’s Time to Blow Up Mount Rushmore

Jay Sekulow: FBI Reopening FOIA Request Into Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting
Texas Bathroom Bill Dies as State House Adjourns Special Session: Report
Obama Never Told 21 States Russians Were Hacking Their Voting Systems
Devos Charges Ahead On School Choice
Alabama Special Election GOP Primary Goes to September Runoff
How Trump Can Avoid Getting Bogged Down While Draining the Swamp
Hope Hicks To Be Named White House Comms Director
AUG 15
Left-Wing Agitators Call for Escalated Tactics in Response to Charlottesville

Ok Folks, Here’s What REALLY Happened in Charlottesville – and What Everyone is Missing

Jeff Sessions Shuts Down NBC’s Attempt to Associate Trump with Neo-Nazis

What They're NOT Telling You about the Charlottesville Race Riots
Alt-right Group Founder: Boston Mayor Wants Riots So He Can 'Take More Power'
This Nationwide Program Is Teaching Millions of Students to Become Leftist Snowflakes

If War Comes, Don’t Blame the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ – Things Are Even Worse Than You Think

Trump Directs Investigation of China for Theft of Intellectual Property

New Report: Sorry Dems, There Was No ‘Russian Hack’ - It Was an Inside Job
Obama Knew In 2014 of Russian Attempts to Disrupt Elections
Civil War Number Two
Common Sense Reborn
Report: Megyn’s Co-Workers ‘Outraged’ at ‘Diva-Like’ Host

Mexico Raids 31 Hot Spots, 10,000 Gallons of Illegal Alcohol Seized after Wisconsin Woman's Death at Posh Resort

AUG 14
Pence Calls White Supremacists ‘Dangerous Fringe Groups,’ Defends Trump’s Call for Unity

More Charges Possible After Deadly Violence in Charlottesville
Reporter McKelway: Police Were Called Off When Violence Started - TheySaid, "We're Leaving. It's Too Dangerous"
Who is Behind the Police Decision to Ignore and Allow Fascist Antifa Violence at Events Around the US?

Maxine Waters Slams Trump: 'It Is Now the White Supremacists' House'
Katie Couric Says Her Producers Were Sprayed with Urine in Charlottesville
Chicago Still Leads Nation in Homicides; Violent Crime on Rise in Other Big Cities
Maxine Waters Blames Trump for White Nationalist Riots: Your Side, Not Many Sides
Congress Gets It Right on Veterans; Why Can't It on Anything Else?
Just How Scared Are Americans of NKorea?

Surviving the NKorean Nuclear Threat
Choosing the Impossible Course of Action to Resolve the North Korean Crisis
State Legislatures Making Progress on Major Issues That Are Still Stuck in Congress
Now We Know Why Marco Rubio's Security Detail Was Increased
Muslim Convert Runs for Congress, But Stays Silent on Her Faith

Illegal Immigrants Found Locked in Hot Tractor-Trailer in Edinburg, Texas
Not So Long Ago, Democrats Favored Immigration Curbs
ACLU Sues ICE for Arresting Suspected Alien Teen Gang Members

AUG 16
Iran's President Threatened to Revitalize the Country's Nuclear Program If the US Continues With Sanctions
Richard Haass: There Are No Good Options Left on North Korea
Reno Time: Big Ben to Be Silenced for 4 Years

Woman Police Officer, 47, Denies Assaulting Her Force’s Own Black Race Relations Adviser By Tasering Him in the Face

All Jobs in UK Must Be Open to Flexible Working, Says Equality Watchdog: Agency Calls for Law to Allow Anyone to Demand Part-Time Hours
If a Top Trump Aide Leaves, It Could 'Start a Run on the Bank'
Liberal Coalition Launches 'Stop Trump Tax Cuts' Website
Russia Unveils New Fleet of 'Invisible' Supersonic Fighter Jets

More Teenagers Are Dying From Drug Overdoses
Down Syndrome in Iceland Is ‘Disappearing’ Because of Abortion
Woman Says Chick-fil-A Baked Rodent Into Her Sandwich Bun

AUG 15
NKorea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat – Kim Warns He Could Change His Mind If the U.S. Persists in ‘Extremely Dangerous Reckless Actions’

NKorea’s Missile Success Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

Jim Mattis: If North Korea Fires Missiles at the US, 'It's Game On'
Iran Sending Warships to Atlantic Ocean Amid Massive New Military Buildup – Boosts War Spending By $500 Million after U.S. Issues Sanctions

Vicente Fox Tweets Image of Trump with Swastika Superimposed on His Forehead
Illegal Refugees Complain About Housing In Montreal

University of Chicago Considered Aggressive Response to ‘Watch Lists’ of Anti-Israel Students

Former President of Nigeria Says Second Coming of Jesus Christ, End of the World Is Near
Christian Persecution in India Hits Record High in First Half of 2017
Say Goodbye to Your Safe Deposit Box

Desperate for Cash, Venezuela Gives Putin Control of Oil Assets
Fleas Testing Positive for Plague in Arizona
District Judge: Feds Must Yield to States on Medical Marijuana
AUG 14
“Junkie’s Dilemma” Trade Wars with China Start Monday: Major Economic Shock Possible

State of Retail: JCPenny Plunges, Now a “Penny” Stock; Amazon to Blame? – HOLLY NOTE: We've been Amazon Prime members since when it only cost $25/year to join to ship everything free. No tax. Now it's $100 + tax. It bothers us, bigly – courtesy Trump lexicon – that Amazon has its tentacles into vastly more facets of business from when it started as a book distributor. They're making Walmart look ridiculously small. A few decads back people got all up in arms about the depth and breadth of Sam Walton's business growth. Now they'll have to get their giddyup on just to catch up. Amazon, which should have been more aptly named BEHEMOTH, is now into the grocery industry, a cargo airline, banking and competing with HBO and Showtime for making original movies. Where next? Amazon used to be sales tax free – a huge draw for us on principle. For the past couple of years we get charged local sales tax because we could drive into town to their warehouse and pick up an ordered product, which we don't have time to do and was a main draw for initially joining Amazon. Plus their IA, Alexa, wants to be all up in your privacy. Third, they're putting many brick-and-mortar stores out of business. As kids, Stan and I spent countless hours hovering over actual books, both in the local library and stores like Waldenbooks and Borders. Yes, I can order Levis at a discount from Amazon, but only after visiting an actual store to see what fits best because this year's style has changed from last year's even though they might be advertised as the same product. So will let our Amazon membership of a baker's dozen years plus expire. Not supporting a behemoth that's burying brick-and-mortars. As an addendum, we're not the only ones, real paper books are making a comeback and e-books are taking a back seat.
Walmart Beats Amazon
Fourth Turning's Neil Howe Fears "Strong Parallels" Between 1930s and Today: "It's Going to Be a Rollercoaster Ride"
Obama EPA Employees Earned Overtime Pay Without Justification
US Launches Quiet Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies
Money Laundering Scandal at Australia’s Largest Bank Triggers Another Call for Ban of Cash
War on Cash Proposals in Australia: Microchip Expiring $100 Bills, Forcing People to Keep Receipts
Related: Is Australia on the Brink of Becoming a Completely Cashless Society?

70% of Chinese Pay Cash to Buy Australian Homes, Sparking Money-Laundry Worry
Mexico Fast Becoming the US's Largest Market for Energy Exports, Report Says
Israel Reveals Giant Underground Wall with Gaza Will Extend into the Sea to Stop Terrorists Tunnelling into the Country

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