December 26
UFO Sightings in Russia — Wrap up for 2005
Judge Lets Man Change Name to Jesus Christ
December 23
Authorities Probe Theft of Body Parts
December 20
Riddle of an Embrace
December 19
Strange Shaking
December 16
Just for Fun — New From Jib Jab: George Bush's Year in Review
December 14
Die at Your Own Risk, Mayor Proposes
December 8
Parents Insist Their 'Indigo Children' Can See the Future
December 5
Meteor Lights Up Western Australian Night
November 28
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas, Part 1
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas, Part 2
November 25
Former Canadian Minister of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked to Hold Hearings on Relations with Alien "ET" Civilizations
November 8
Alien Abduction Reports are Rising — As Seen on TV
Fireballs Seen Over Germany Spark UFO Speculation
November 7
Death Renews Iceman 'Curse' Claim
In China, Hunt on for Loch Ness Monster
November 3
Wushanding's Strange Mud Volcano
October 31
Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism
October 25
Swedish Train Powered Cow Entrails
October 18
Pseudo-Christ Promises to Raise the Beslan School Kids from the Dead
October 16
Professor Finds Two-Headed Rattlesnake
October 13
Google Unveils UFO Map
Mom Delivers 16Th Child, Thinking of More
October 11
Dying Rattlesnake Bites Hand of Man Who Shot It, Kills Him
October 10
Calls Continue for Strange Odors in City
October 7
London to Get Sexual 'Theme Park'
October 6
Python Explodes After Eating Alligator
October 5
UFO-Spotters Tell Tales of the Extra-Terrestrial
Accused Nude Burglar Asks for Shorts
September 29
Hospital Bans Cooing Over Newborn Babies
Australian Survives Trash Crusher After Night Out Goes Wrong
Town May Build UFO Site
September 26
N.Z. Lawmaker Streaks to Keep Election Vow
September 21
Vulgar Vegetation
September 15
Light Bulb Malfunction at School Sends 18 to Hospital With Radiation Burns
September 14
Beauty Products From the Skin of Executed Chinese Prisoners
September 8
Orlando Landlord Sues Rstaurateurs Who Say Building is Haunted
August 26
UFO 'Expert' Speculates About Strange Lights
August 18
Inhabitable Grain Bins Have Their Advantages
Russian Cows Get New Feed: Marijuana
Power of Pee Runs a Battery

August 17
Mysterious Reptile Eludes Capture in Park