Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

HOLLY NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this widely reputed Henry Kissinger quote, but it may have been inferred through this document dated December 10, 1974: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, (472 kB PDF). A linked index version is available which makes it easier to find specific topics.

December 31
Why the Era of Cheap Food is Over

Italians Eat Less Bread, Pasta as Prices Rise - flashback
Mexico's Tortilla Riots - flashback
December 30
Crop Growers, Cattlemen Worried With Continued Drought; Food Prices to Skyrocket

December 28
Climate Puts Squeeze on Grape Growers
Review Trade Practices Act or Face Food Shortages
Salmonella Fear Prompts Recall of Mexico-Grown Basil
December 27
Agricultural Disaster and Famine
Drought Damages Farming Industry
When the Wells and Corn Run Dry - Minnesota Gov to Ask for Agricultural Disaster Declaration - flashback
Buy Feed Corn: They're About to Stop Making It - flashback
Illegal Land Grabs in China Threatening Food Supplies: Minister
Valley on Brink of Food Disaster, Experts Warn
FDA May Approve Cloned Animals for Food; Tracked as Precaution
December 23
A Year of Problems Has USDA Rethinking Safety Rules
State Cites Homeowners for Filling Outdoor Hot Tubs
Rub a Dub Dub, There's No Water for Hot Tubs in Colorado County
China Grain Output Tops 500 Million Tons, But Discourages Exports
December 21
Florida's Favorite Fruit in Danger
December 18
Stockpile Food for Flu Crisis
World Food Stocks Dwindling Rapidly, UN Warns
Wheat Rises in Chicago on Supply Concerns; Corn, Soybeans Fall
December 17
A Worrisome Forecast for the World's Crops
Reservoirs Closed After Carcinogen Is Found
Farmers Suffer in Flood-Hit Washington
December 14
GMO Seeds: 'MNCs Gaining Total Control Over Farming'
December 9
Whose Thirst Comes First? Orlando, Jacksonville Areas Face Water War
SW States Agree on Plan to Make Water Last - Lake Powell Down More Than 100 Feet
Canadian Retail Chain Pulls Plastic Water Bottles
December 5
"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic: Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO Giants Know Something We Don’t

December 4
Toll of Climate Change on World Food Supply Could Be Worse Than Thought
December 2
When the Food Runs Out

November 28
Even Rainwater Comes With Cautions Attached

November 25
Wisconsin Company Recalls 96,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Products
Safety Fears Prompt Europe to Consider First Ban on GM Crop
November 22
Billions of Jellyfish Wipe Out N. Irish Salmon Farm
November 19
The Secret Food Code Conspiracy

Loophole Keeps FDA in the Dark on Tainted Food Imports
Consumers Unaware of 'Eating GM Food'
Overfishing and Development Turning Mediterranean into a Marine Graveyard
November 13
Sydney Food Poisoning Plague
November 10
Lake County, Fla. Water Too Scarce for Bottling Plant
Florida Backs Away From Water Rights Truce
Bush Loses Veto Battle on Water Bill
Don't Drink the Water
November 6
Climate Change Could Diminish Drinking Water More Than Expected
Freeze, Then Drought Hammer Hay
House Overrides Bush Veto of Water Projects Bill
November 5
Global Food Crisis Looms as Climate Change and Fuel Shortages Bite
November 4
1 Million Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled Over E. Coli Fears
US Tightens Regs on Meat Imports
Biofuels and Rise in Food Prices: Serious Concerns Over Availability of Food Stocks for Emergencies
November 1
Drought Anxiety Rises As Water Levels Fall
Drought Intensifies Fight Over Water
Tri-State Water Deal Aids Atlanta's Supply

5 Million Frozen Pizzas Recalled
November 1
Man Killed in Water-Rage Attack in Australia
October 31
Drought Cuts Aussie Wheat Forecast 22 Percent
October 30
Business Leaders Warn of Congressional Power Grab Over Water
October 28
World's Hottest Chile Pepper Discovered
Showdown Over Water Looms With Georgia
Illness Follows Butter-Flavored Trail
October 22
Chewing Gum Helps Control Appetite
Dry Weather Forces Rethink on Crop Estimates
October 14
Crikey! Drought Hits Beer Prices
Drought Scared Pumpkins Off Vine
October 12
Fantastic Plastic Could Cut CO2 Emissions and Purify Water
Extinction of Kiwi Estimated Less Than 20 Yrs
October 10
Salmonella Outbreak Impacts 30 States: Halts Pot-Pie Production
Media Propaganda Campaign Says Lack of Illegals Inflating Food Prices
Progress in Protecting U.S. Food Supply Slows
October 8
Federal, State Authorities Practice Response to Agroterror
Water Grab: Water Cash Is on Tap
October 1
Wheat Over Flows Elevators While Corn Harvest Looms
Massive Ground Beef Recall Expands Amid E. Coli Worries
September 28
Beneath Booming Cities, China’s Future Is Drying Up
September 27
Toilet to Tap? San Jose Probes Plan
September 24
The Coming Food Shortfall
The Food Shortage Reality
Despite Record Prices, Wheat Supply Is Low in Some Areas
Weather Hurts This Year's Pumpkin Crop Across Michigan
Drought Threatens Animals, Plants
No 'Next Year' for Farm Water
Alabama's Drought-Damaged Cotton Crop Southeast's Lowest
Australia, Canada and the EU Crops All Are Suffering, Yielding the Lowest in 30 Years
Global Growing Problem of Wheat Production
Floods Cause Food Shortages Across Sub-Saharan Africa
Forecast for 2008; Famine, Floods, Fear and Fighting
Drought Seen As Biggest Threat to Brazil’s Coffee
Food Shortage Prompts Emergency Food Drive
Food Bank Shortage
Venezuela Tries to Head Off an Emerging Food Shortage By Protecting Corn
Floods Leave North Koreans Hungry
Tainted Tofu Recall Expanded
Anyone for Fillet of Slimehead? Thought Not...
Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide
Cat in the Kettle by Aaron Wilburn - video humor
Crickets Swarm: A Plague? No, a Feast
September 18
Food Prices Set to Rise as Drought Continues
Australia Says Some Water Cuts Permanent
September 17
Mussels Disappear from Streams and Dinner Plates
September 15
Water Supply Shortage Hits Long Beach, California
Water Filters? Go With Flow and Be in the Know
September 12
Carcinogenic Pesticide Pervasive in Midwest Drinking Water
September 10
Milk the Deadly Poison
Chicken Chokes After Testing the Water
FDA Considers Additional Food Labels
Transgenic Maize Is More Susceptible to Aphids
September 1
New York Sushi Tainted With Mercury
HCC Fluoride/Infant Formula Warning
August 30
Drought Dries Up Homeowners' Wells
Drought Catastrophe Stalks Australia's Food Bowl
Milk Supplies Hit By Bad Weather and Rising Costs
August 25-26
USDA Says Foods Labeled as 'Raw' Can Be Pasteurized
Consumers, Tell USDA to Protect Organic Food Standards
Colo. Reaps Largest Wheat Crops in a Decade: Governor Suspends Wheat-Trucking Regs to Help Farmers
August 22
The 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating
August 20
Firm Sues Chinese Co. for Shavings in Aspartame
Baby Carrots Warning By Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food Bank Supplies Way Low
Hot, Dry Weather Straining Midwest Corn, Soybean Crops
Lack of Water Hindered NYC Firefighters
August 16
White Gold: the New Black Gold
Prices for Key Foods are Rising Sharply
August 14
GM Crops Get Go-Ahead in Australia
Drought Hits Key Farming Region in South Russia
Failing Water Supply Destroyed Lost City
August 13
Milk Prices Rising to Record Highs
Warning Issued on Washington Oysters
Drought Takes Toll on Projected Crop Yields
Climate Change Challenging Gardeners to Plant Smarter
July 31
Latest China Scare: Don't Eat the Ginger
Drought Threatens Record Corn Crop
July 27
Bursting Cans of Tainted Food Give New Urgency to Warnings
Bottled Water Can Make You Sick
July 25
Wary Diners Ask: Is Fish From China?
July 24
Georgia Plant Shut in Botulism Probe
List of More Than 90 Recalled Canned Meat Products
Dire Forecast for Md., Va. Corn Crops; Drought Expected to Destroy Up to 80% in Some Areas
Nev. Farmers Fighting Water Plan
Millions of Hectares of Crops Destroyed in Romania's Prolonged Drought
July 16
Vaguely-Worded Food Warnings Cause Confusion
July 11
Buying Only U.S. Food is a Tall Order
92% of Americans Want Meat-Origin Labels
China Executes Ex-Food and Drug Chief
Fake Drinking Water Hits Beijing
Thirsty in the Land Between the Rivers
July 10
Chef Under Fire For Serving Half-Dead Fish

Expert Says Rising Sea Levels Pose Threat to Rice
Israel Pumping Syrian Water to Kinneret
July 4-5
U.N. Official Says Biofuels Raise Food Supply Risk
Storms Devastate Harvest and Threaten Price Rises
June 28
ALERT - USDA Announcement: Foods Carrying the USDA '95% Organic' Seal Are Now Allowed to Contain Factory Farmed Intestines, PCBs, and Mercury
June 18
Lowest Food Supplies in 50 or 100 Years: Global Food Crisis Emerging
Tiny but Hungry, Moth Threatens California Crops
Health Benefits of Specific Foods
June 13
Terminator Seed Ban Proposed In Canada
Marine Families Want $4B for Decades of Toxic Tap Water
Grocer Merger Raises Unique Legal Questions
June 11
Beef Scare: Recall Expands to 5.7 Million Pounds on E. Coli
Drought Reduces Grain Output Each Year: Official
June 7
US Adopts Limits on Clean Water Law Enforcement
June 4
Seafood Imports From China Raised in Untreated Sewage
Is Desalination Drought Answer?
June 1
Peanut Butter Illness Outbreak Affects Over 600
May 31
Is China Trying to Poison Americans and Their Pets?
Item in Farm Bill Takes Away State & Local Rights to Regulate GMOs & Food Safety
Health Alert: Potentially Harmful Vegetarian Hot Dogs and Power Bars
May 30
Mislabeled Monkfish Really Toxic Puffer Fish
May 24
FDA Checking Chinese Toothpaste After Additive Scare
Wild Potatoes and Peanuts Threatende
Tomato-Killing Virus Detected in Calif.
Climate Change Threatens Wild Relatives of Key Crops
Water As the Source of Life and Strife
How California Does Water: Tap Water Might Be Making a Comeback
May 21
Tainted Chinese Imports Common — In 4 Months, FDA Refused 298 Shipments
Freeze, Drought Hit Pecans
May 20
Food-Safety Targeted By Lawmakers
May 11
As Withering Drought Worsens, Georgia Crops at Risk
'Hands Off Our Water,' Canadians Say
U.S. Proposal to Allow Chicken Imports From China Raises Health Concerns
May 8
Cracker Barrel Yanks Burgers From Menu
Fish Meant for Humans Fed Tainted Food
New Food Agency Best for US Food Safety: Lawmaker
May 6
The Future of Food - eye-opening video
Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water
May 3
Millions of Chickens Fed Tainted Pet Food
FDA Widens Chinese Import Alert
U.S. Food Imports Outrun FDA Resources
April 30
No Recall on Hogs That Ate Tainted Pet Food
US Federal Agents Try to Staunch Tidal Wave of Illegal Seafood
April 25
FDA Under the Scope in Hearing on Food Safety
Feds Eye Control of Vitamins, Supplements – Even Water!
Wary Parents Stir Organic Baby Foods
April 22
E-coli Fears Spur Mass Beef Recall
April 20
Massive Food Prices On the Way in Australia, Irrigators Say
April 18
Study Shows Rainwater Tanks Most Efficient for Water Saving
Study Rates Chocolate Better Than Kisses
April 16
Imported Food Rarely Inspected
Salt Shockers: 10 High-Salt Foods You Don't Expect
April 13
China Exporting Killer Food to U.S.
Spring Freeze Devastates South's Fruit Crops
Colorado Fruit Growers Worry Over Freezing Weather
Freeze loss 'Comparable to Hurricane' Damage
CDC: E. Coli Cases Up in Leafy Greens
Wild Man, Wild Food: The Roadkill Diet
Ethanol Fuels Mixed Feelings
April 11
Canal Upgrade to Stop Water Loss into Mexico
Cold Snap Damages Fruit Crops in South
April 6
Pets, Food Safety, China, the FDA, and Your Health
Billions at Risk From Wheat Superblight
Moisture in Peanut Butter Plant Spread Salmonella
April 3
Unhappy Meals or, How to Eat Healthy
March 30
FDA Warns Again About Arsenic in Mineral Water
Milk Prices Expected to Rise 9 Percent
March 27
Ripe Target
Chocolate Improves Blood Vessel Function: Study
March 24
Source of Spinach E. Coli Outbreak Found
So What Really Is in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget?
Genetically Modified Crops: Playing Dangerous Genetic Roulette?
March 23
Water Scarcity Looms with Warming
In Pictures: How Water Scarcity is Affecting the World
March 19
World's Most Important Crops Hit By Global Warming
March 14
GMO Corn Causes Liver, Kidney Problems in Rats: Study
March 12
Olive Recall in FL, GA & NY Due to Botulism
March 9
Man Peddles 'Holy' Bottled Water
Water Prices Rising Worldwide
March 6
The Rice With Human Genes
March 5
Huckleberry-Pickers Go to Prison?
Cloned Beef: It's What's for Dinner
February 24
Mmmm, Tasty Chemicals
World Grain Reserves Drop to 57 Days - Historic Shortages Ahead
New Inspections to Start in April at Food Plants Vulnerable to Bacteria
February 20
Grocery Industry Prepares for Bird Flu
February 16
Red Hot Chili Peppers Rocked Ancient World
February 14
Ten Sexy Foods to Get Your Valentine in a Spicy Mood
February 12
Meat From Bird-Flu Farm ‘Was Sent Abroad’
February 10
Arctic "Doomsday Vault" to Preserve Crops as Climate Changes
February 7
China Drought Leaves 300,000 Short of Water
January 28
Recycled Water Can't Save Queensland
January 27
Global Food Supply Near Breaking Point
Scientist Develops Caffeinated Doughnuts
January 24
World is Running Out of Water, Says UN
January 17
Destroyed Nearly $1 Billion Worth of California Citrus
A Year After Wilma, Florida Water Still Not Safe to Drink
January 13
Outbreak Linked to California Lettuce
January 8
Indian Curry 'Might Be Magic Cure-All'
January 6
Artificial Sweetner Explodes Internally - Avoid It In 2007
January 4
Beef Prices Could Spike