Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

HOLLY NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this widely reputed Henry Kissinger quote, but it may have been inferred through this document dated December 10, 1974: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, (472 kB PDF). A linked index version is available which makes it easier to find specific topics.

June 30
Midwest Floods May Boost World Food Prices for Years
Canada's Feed Grain Prices Expected to Increase Across the Board
China Earthquake Damaged $6 Bln in Agriculture
Vegetables Ruined By Toxic Fertiliser
June 27
What's in the Cupboard 'Food or Fuel?
U.S. Crop Damage From Weather Tops $8 Billion
Hopes Fade for Flood-Hit U.S. Midwest Farmers
Flooded Midwest Farmers Face Tangle of Red Tape
Midwest Floods to Raise Meat Prices
Costs of Farming Threaten Food Supply
California Water Shortages Hit Crops, Raise Prices
Oklahoma Panhandle Drought Hits Farmers, Ranchers Hard
Drought Threatens One Third of Australia's Food Supply
Drought Sparks Food Shortage
Western Australia's Gas Crisis Threatens $5.5 Billion Food Industry
Wheat Rises for Third Day as Dry Weather Forecast for Australia
Economists Warn Rise in Food Prices Will Lead to Social Unrest
Honey Bee Crisis Could Lead to Higher Food Prices
Food Stamp Need Soars; Level of Help Doesn't
$300,000 of Soybeans Lost When Grain Bins Collapse, Beans Rot
ND State Mill Braces for $3M Loss in Final Quarter
June 25
Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear: Now Targeting Milk
US Consumers Face Advent of Cloned Food
June 24
Grain Elevators Hit Hard By Natural Disasters
Wheat Harvest Arrives Without Promise
Midwest Flooding Wanes, Higher Food Prices on Horizon
Bad News for Chocolate Lovers: Cocoa at Historic High As Dry Weather Dampens Supply
The Price of Food: 2007 - 2008
Batten Down the Hatches, Road Ahead’s Looking Rocky
Food Banks See Huge Increase in Clients
Trailers Containing 57,000 Pounds of Chicken Stolen From Food Bank
Runaway Food Prices Threaten Global Aid
June 23
Order Restored in Milwaukee After Free Food Voucher Frenzy
Record Corn Prices Mean More Expensive Meat, Dairy
Iowa Faces Potential $3 Billion in Crop Loss
Security Fears Over Food and Fuel Crisis
Chaos Erupts in Indianapolis As Storm Victims Try to Get Food Stamps
Food Stamps Buy Less, and Families Are Hit Hard
Hundreds Look to Pantries As Food Prices Skyrocket
Drought, Freeze Kill Most of Wis. Tart Cherry Crop
No Food in Drought-Hit Ethiopian Regions, UN Official Says
Scientists Warn of Lack of Vital Phosphorus As Biofuels Raise Demand
Tainted Tomato Cases Reach 552
June 20
Worst Agricultural Disaster in State History
Floods Devastate Iowa Hog Farmers
Empty Oceans: How Overfishing Can Alter an Ocean’s Entire Ecosystem
Monsanto to Acquire Central America's Largest Seed Company
Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
More Corn, Grain Elevator Destroyed in Fire
Nebraska Grain Elevators Collapse; 40,000 Bushels Lost
Cereal, Sugar, Poultry Price Gains to Top Forecasts
Food Shortages Worsen Amid Argentine Farm Strike
June 19
Is Famine Coming? This Is Not Just a Repeat of Past Crises
Flooded Mississippi Threatens Prime US Farmland
Food Scares Could Drain Local Raw Milk Supply; Farmer Fears Federal Crackdown
Mexico Freezes Basic Food Prices Until Year-End
Weather Woes Plague Upper Southeast Crops
Tomato Salmonella Cases Up to 383 in 30 States
First Long Island Case of Salmonella Linked to Tomatoes
June 17
Floods Swell Food Prices
Rains Spawn Disease Outbreak in Kansas Wheat
Wheat Prices Rise as Australian Drought May Curb Grain Output
June 16
Our Ruined Harvest: A Cornucopia of Bad Circumstances
US Corn Sets Record As Floods Ravage Crop
U.S. Midwest Floods Wipe Out Crops, Raise Food Prices
Crops, Roads Taking Hit in Area
Rain Threatens American Corn Crops
Crippling Drought Threatens California's Tomatoes, Almonds, Cantaloupe, Pistachios and Lettuces
Cool Spring Delays Crops in Eastern Washington
Food Prices to Soar on Back of Devastating US Floods
Farmers Battle Theft
Iowa Town's Drinking Water Near Gone
Father Killed in 'Supermarket Rage' Was Mistaken for Queue Jumper
Food Crisis: Ethiopia Appeals for Urgent Aid After Crop Failure
June 13
CDC: Salmonella-Tainted Tomato Illnesses Reach 228
June 12
Midwest Flooding Could Push Prices of Food Higher
Prices of Food, Fuel Have Turned into World-Wide Crisis
Bison Industry Recruits Ranchers As Prices Rise
June 11
Hurt By Rain, U.S. Corn Crop to Fall Short of Demand
US Corn Hits Record, Other Grains Follow
Surplus U.S. Food Supplies Dry Up
Explosion in Ohio Silo Frys 400,000 Bushels of Corn
Nebraska Grain Elevator Collapses; 40,000 Bushels Lost
U.S. Farmers Who Plant – Or Replant – After June 20 May See Yields Drop By Half
Rising Food Costs Now Hit Canada
Australia's Food Prices Soar 30% in Six Months
Potentially Devastating Wheat Rust Spreads
Scientists Warn G8 of Climate Peril to Food
Keeping Food for Years: Certain Dry Foods are Good Past Their Best-before Date, Food Scientists Say
June 10
Weather Adds to Challenge of Combating Food Shortages
Stores, Eateries Pull Tomatoes
Florida Tomato Industry in "Complete Collapse"
June 9
40,000 Riot Over US Beef Imports
When Food Crosses the Line
Rising Food Prices: The Blame Game
US Corn May Face Setback; Weather Concerns Remain
Corn Soars to Record High, Set to Climb Further
Thousands Clash With Police in Egyptian Bread Riot
Queensland Farmers Demand Return of Drought Assistance
Farm Crisis Spooks Argentine Economy
Fertilizer Shortage Threatens World Food Supplies
Global Food Supply is a Growing Problem
Cuba's Urban Farming Program a Stunning Success
Tainted Mexican Cheese Fuels TB Rise in California
June 8
Karoo Drought is Breaking Farmers
Small Town Overthrows Corporate Giant for Control of Water
June 6
The Biblical Grain Famine
Nine Meals From Anarchy - How Britain is Facing a Very Real Food Crisis
When Will Food Prices Stop Rising? No Time Soon, Experts Say
Australia's Food Prices 'Could Stay High for Years'
Falling Water Tables, Falling Harvests
The Future of Food Prices: Crop Output Threatened by Wet Weather in Midwest, Dry Weather in Australia
The U.S. Has No Remaining Grain Reserves
World's Farmers By-Passed at UN Food Crisis Summit: IFAP
Food Summit Fails to Agree on Biofuels
Farm Strike in Argentina Threatens Food Supplies, Again
Food Is Different
June 4
High Food Prices - Just Another Bad Day in the Food Line
Snapshots of Struggle in America's Food Lines
Hungry in America: Failed Leadership From the Top Down
Lower Crop Yields Due to Ozone a Factor in World Food Crisis
Thousands Protest Hunger in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua; Debate Over Haiti Food Crisis Widens
China: 'Food Scarcity Creating New World Order'
U.N. Says Food Plan Could Cost $30 Billion a Year
World Hunger
U.N.: 50 Percent More Food Needed by 2030
As Food Crisis Worsens, Firms Push GM Seeds
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Blames West at U.N. Food Summit
Brazilian President Defends Biofuels at UN Food Summit
Unnatural Roots of the Food Crisis
Big Agri-Biz Booms Amid Global Crisis
June 1
Wet Spring Dampening Corn Crop Hopes
Who is Responsible for the Global Food Crisis?
Sheep Production Lowest in 80 Years
May 29
Unprecedented Demand Cleans Out Major Storable Food Supplier
Analysis: Food Crisis Reaches Europe
May 28
Food Price Inflation Is Just the Beginning
May 27
Family Seed Business Takes on Goliath of Genetic Modification
Georgia Drought Squeezes Georgia Trout
Crisis Talks on Global Food Prices
Afghanistan Flour Triples in Price
Latin America’s Food Crisis
Spain's Drought a Glimpse of our Future
May 23
Argentine Farm Crisis Ploughs On
FAO Worried About Weaknesses in Food Supply Chain
Drought Has Some Plowing Up Winter Wheat
Hungry World Eyes Onset of US Wheat Harvest
There Will Be Drought
May 19
New Breed of American Emerges in Need of Food
South Phoenix Family Calls Rising Food Prices a "Crisis"
Earthquake Hits Agricultural Production in China
New Yorkers Dumpster Dive for Free Food
Food Price Spike to hit EU Farming Review
Surging Food Prices Mean Global Instability
May 16
Are You Watching the Food Riots?
Senate Passes Veto-Proof Farm Bill
Why We Face Both Food and Water Crises
May 15
Food Price Rises Spark Global Protests
Global Food Crisis Grips Latin America
The Food Crisis and Latin America
A Look at Responses to Food Crisis
Ivory Coast: Price Rise Riot
India: Rising Food Prices Threaten Social Calamity
Burkina Faso Strikers Demand Pay Increase, Protest Rising Prices
Four Dead in Yemen Protest: Witnesses
Hundreds Protest Against Food Prices in Senegal
Will Uzbekistan Face Famine?
At Least Three, Possibly Six, Killed As Riots Sweep Cameroon
Food Crisis and Pakistan
Somali Food Protest 'Turns Ugly'
6 Companies Control 98 Pc. of the World’s Seeds
USAID Chief Tells Congress World Food Demand Far Outpaces Supply
Lawmaker: Nation's Food System Is Collapsing
Myanmar Storm May Affect World Rice Supply
China Considers Buying Land Overseas to Secure Food Supply - Report
Mexican Tortilla Prices 'Up 18%'
May 14
Food Riots are Coming to the US
UN Alert: One-fourth of World's Wheat at Risk From New Fungus: One Fungus Could Bring Famine for Years to Come
From Baking Their Bread to Growing Their Own Vegetables, Restaurateurs Battle Rising Prices
Huge Fertilizer Price Hikes Will Make Food Prices Grow
US Hit By Rising Food Prices
UK Food Prices Rising at Fastest Ever
W. House Sees Food Prices Staying High for 2-3 Years
While Stocks Last ...
Drought Threatens Bumper Wheat Crop
High Food Prices 'Will Hit Pacific'
Socialization of the G7 Banking System and Food Crisis Horror Story
U.S. Fighting to Stop Private Mad Cow Testing
Bush Administration Fights Mad Cow Testing
With Food Prices on the Rise, Agricultural Aviation Become More Important Than Ever
Sweet Sorghum, Clean Miracle Crop for Feed and Fuel
Food Crisis: Is Lanka Sitting on a Volcano?
Mexico's Flood Survivors Blackmailed into Biofuels
Buy Bulk, Canadian Home Economist Says As Food Prices Rise
Luxuries Likely to be Curbed By Cost-Conscious Canadians As Food Prices Rise
New Zealand Lamb Flock May Drop to 50-Year Low on Drought
Residents in Chile Volcano Zone Without Drinking Water
May 13
Farmers Unable to Cash in on Soaring Food Prices
Thousands of Indian Farmers Driven to Suicide
Unprecedented Emergency Plan to Alleviate Drought from Rock-Bottom Rain
May 9
Wheat Disease Threatens Supplies
Global Free Market for Food and Energy Faces Biggest Threat in Decades
Global Famine
Heavy Lawn Watering Empties Groveland Water Plant
Water Shortage Concerns: City Contemplates Going From Toilet to Tap
May 8
More Fears for World Food Supply
Chicago Rice Soars As Supply Fears Intensify
Food Prices and Protest: Taking the Strain
Egypt Extends Ration Cards Due to High Food Prices
Water Riot and Power Protest - UP Villagers Attack Tankers
UK Food Prices are Soaring at Fastest Rate for 18 Months
Argentine Farmers to Resume Protest Over Grains Tax
Asian Nations Generate over 90% of World Rice Production
May 6
The Four Horsemen Approach - Famine is in the Air
May 5
Tens of Thousands Riot Over Food Prices

286,000 Pounds of Meat, Poultry Recalled
Manning Floods Declared Agricultural Natural Disaster
Argentine Farmers to Renew Roadblocks, Curb Exports
1 Billion Asians at Risk From Soaring Food Prices
China Steps Up Efforts to Curb Grain Smuggling: Official Media
China Farms the World to Feed a Ravenous Economy
Uncertainty Surrounds Asia's Rice Market
Asia Fears Rising Poverty, Social Unrest From Soaring Food Prices
Multinationals Make Billions in Profit Out of Growing Global Food Crisis
May 2
Federal Agency Declares West Coast Salmon Fisheries Disaster

Food Crisis Leaves Afghans Desperate
Farmers Quit in Droves After Long Drought: Report
Surplus U.S. Food Supplies Dry Up
U.N. Food Program Cried Poverty, Sat on $1.22B
Lawmaker Worried About Summer Food Fight
Nepal Bans Grain Export Amid Food Price Surge: Official
Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankenstate'?
April 29
Emptying the Breadbasket
Mississippi River Flooding Dooms Farmers

The New Economics of Hunger
Biotech Execs Say Biofuels No Threat to Food Supply
Turkey Plans to Sell Rivers and Lakes to Corporations
April 25
Chance of US Drought Seen; Food Squeeze Feared
Rice Shortage Roils San Francisco Stores, Markets, Food Banks
A Mixed Bag on Rice Buying
Shortages Hit US Food Banks
Rising Food Prices Hit Ottawa Stores Hardest
Canada to Pay More at Grocery Stores As Higher Feed Costs Advance Through the Food Chain
Meat Prices Rising With Grain
There Will Be More Blood: UN
GM Crops Can Save Us From Food Shortages
April 23
Load Up the Pantry
Americans Hoard Food As Industry Seeks Regs
Sam's Club, Costco Limit Rice Purchases Nationwide
Let Them Eat Cake: Famine and Revolution Go Hand in Hand
Corn, Rice Surge As Global Food Tensions Mount
Era of Cheap Food Ends As Prices Surge
Bay Area Shoppers Asked to Limit Rice Purchases
London Summit Tackles 'Tsunami' of Rising Food Prices
Food Shortages Or Globalist Depopulation Agenda?
Food - The Ultimate Weapon of the Ruling Elite
Commentary: Not By Bread Alone
Indian State Hit By Strike Over High Food Prices
April 21
Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World
UN Chief Warns World Must Urgently Increase Food Production
Why You're Paying More at the Grocery Store
For Ranchers, SW Drought Means Cuts in Herd Sizes
April 20
Japan's Hunger Becomes a Dire Warning for Other Nations
Supermarket $ticker Shock
Fuels Vs. Food US Energy Policy Hurting World's Poor
April 18
Hunger in Haiti Increasing Rapidly
April 16
Fuel Choices, Food Crises and Finger-Pointing
Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years
3-Year Agriculture Report Release Coincides With Food Riots
As Other Staples Soar, Potatoes Break New Ground
Food Shortage Rises With Prices
The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods
"War Over Water" in Drought-Stricken Spain
Prevent and Heal Disease With Chilies
April 13
Food Crisis: US Supply Is Not Secure
Food Shortages Threaten to Become the Biggest Crisis of the 21st Century
Hunger. Strikes. Riots. The Food Crisis Bites
Growing Catastrophe
Pain for a Staple of Mexico
U.N. Soldier Killed in Haiti's Food Riots
The World Food Crisis is Here Now
Haiti's Government Falls After Food Riots
How Hunger Could Topple Regimes
A Food Riot is Looming' in Trinidad and Tobago
Egypt Releases ‘Food Riot Journalists’
Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear
Downer Cow Ban Could Cost Area's Dairies
FDA: Cereal Tied to at Least 23 Salmonella Cases
April 10
Global Food Riots Turn Deadly
April 8
Egyptian Workers Riot Over Rising Food Prices
Egyptian Teen Dies in Nile Delta Food Riots
Food Protesters Beaten as New Strike is Called
Food Riots Rock Yemen
Arabs Without Oil Hard Hit By Food Price Spiral
Death Toll Rises in Haitian Food Price Riots
Hike in World Prices Sparks Deadly Riots Across Africa
High Food Prices Seen Leading to Strikes, Protests in Asia
Ukraine Growers Forced to Toss Rotten Grain into the Black Sea
UN Warns That Surge in Food Prices Could Lead to Increased Unrest
How to Buy Non-GM Foods
Nebraska Grain Firm Out of Business Amid Volatile Markets
April 6
Food Crisis Tightens Its Grip on the World
‘Food Crisis Could Last Until 2010’
4 Dead in Haiti Riots Over Grain Prices
Fears of Social Unrest As Rice Prices Surge By 10% to Hit a Fresh High
Seven Fat Cows, Seven Thin Cows: Hoarding and Storing the Seeds of Deliverance
Drought-Stricken Spain Worried About Drinking Water
36 U.S. States to Face Water Shortages in the Next 5 Years
3 Orlando-Area Lakes New Battleground in Water-Source Struggle
Cuba Gives Land to Private Farmers
April 3
'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe; Food Shortages, Higher Prices Equal World Crisis
Food Crisis Being Felt Around World, Market Chaos, Riots
Rise in Food Prices Sparks Unrest
Wheat Rises as Abnormal Weather Erodes Outlook for U.S. Crop
Corn Rises to Record on Rainy Weather
Rice Jumps to Record, Corn Near High as Demand Outpaces Supply
Ted Turner Predicts 'Mass Cannibalism' By 2040
Oil, Water and Wheat ...
Global Response Needed on Food Crisis
Soaring Grain Prices Prompt Wheat Thefts
Top 3 Tips to Stop Grain Theft
Japan to Study Safety of Cloned Animals for Food
April 1
Food Price Hikes Changing U.S. Eating Habits
Tensions Rise As World Faces Short Rations
Hungry Crowds Spell Trouble for World Leaders
Markets Nervous: Will U.S. Plant Enough Corn?
Farmers Expected to Plant Less Corn
Reduced Corn Crop Forecast Plants Fears
Hong Kong Rice Buyers Expect 30% Price Rise; Shoppers Stock Up
White Out: Asia’s Rice Price Crisis
'New Hunger' Felt As Food Prices Soar
March 31
Supermarkets -- Are They on the Endangered Species List?
If It's Breakfast Time, Fork Over the Dough
U.S. Food Prices Pork Out
Impact of Biggest Ever Beef Recall Beginning to Show
Will Wheat-Killer Fungus Be Used to Spread GMO Wheat?
Farmers Fall Prey to Rice Rustlers As Price of Staple Crop Rockets
Gov’t Resorting to Double-Talk on Rice Shortage
March 28
Food Prices Increase 8% This Year
Rising Rice Prices Spark Concerns Across Asia
NFA to Supervise, Directly Sell Rice to Curb Rice Hoarding
March 27
Argentine Farm Tax Crisis Worsens
Insect-Killing Worms May Save Alfalfa
March 26
Grains Supplies: A Drought Away From Disaster
Australia 08/09 Wheat Crop to Hit Record
Doomsday Vault - video
Genetically Engineered Food
March 25
Food Prices Rising Across the World
Will the Bounty End? Are Empty Grocery Carts in Our Future?
How Food Shortages Provoke Economic Nationalism
Arroyo Orders Crackdown on Rice Hoarders
Philippines Expected to Retender for US Rice
New Pest Plagues Thai Farmers: Rice Thieves
Threat to Millions As Food Aid Scheme Runs Out of Money
Understanding the Transition From Seed Corn to Biofuels
March 24
After Year of Rain, Texas Drought Tough on Farmers
Egg Prices Leave Consumers Clucking
Mexico: New Rules Pave the Way for Transgenic Crops
Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose; The Genetically Modified Food Gamble
Ark. Meat Packing Plant Explodes
Biofuel Boom Threatens Food Supplies: Nestle
Dubai Builds Giant Reservoirs to Meet Growing Water Needs
March 22
Toll of Climate Change on World Food Supply Could Be Worse Than Thought
Drought May Impact Crops
If Things Fall Apart, What Will You Eat?
Farming the City: Planners Start Thinking of How to Feed Us
Find Your Local Farmer's Market
Find Your Local Food Security Organization
State Mill Might Lose Canadian Wheat Authority
State of Emergency Declared Over Salmonella in Tap Water
A Thirsty Planet Looks for Solutions to Water Shortage
Huge Food Shortage In North Korea
March 20
Skyrocketing Food Prices Jolt Families on a Budget
Big Taste of High Prices
Soaring Wheat Costs Means Higher Costs at Bakeries
Prepare for a "Food-Cost Tsunami"
Poonam Munjal: The Global Food Threat
Drought Takes Toll on Orange Production
Report Finds FDA Lax in Spinach Inspections
Superbug Found in Canadian Pork Products
Water Shortages Affect Food, Transit, Security
March 18
Million Face Famine After Plague of Rats Devastates Rice Crop
Cairo Grappling With Bread Crisis Riot
March 17
Sleepwalking into a Food Nightmare
The Revolution's Here, Get in Line
U.S. Organic Food Industry Fears GMO Contamination
March 15
Going Grocery Shopping? Take Plenty of Cash
March 14
Fears Over Wheat Prices After Disease Spreads
Farmers to Get $8 Million for Freeze, Flood, Drought Relief
Why Your Food Is Costing More Money
Experts Tell What's Behind the Rise of Food Prices and How to Keep Impact Down
Food Crisis: Soaring Prices are Causing Hunger Around the World
March 13
'Downer' Cows Hit Food Supply
Pilgrim's Pride Shuts 7 Sites, Blames Feed Costs
Wheat Fungus Could Cause Mass Starvation
Snowstorms Send Food Prices in China to 'Unbearable' Highs
Water Wars Threaten Popular Rodman Lake
March 11
NS Food Bank Dumps Supplies After Mouse Infestation
March 9
A Global Need for Grain That Farms Can’t Fill
Surging costs of Groceries Hitting Home
Already We Have Riots, Hoarding, Panic: the Sign of Things
Who Knows There's a Food Crisis?
Pig Producers Set to Go Bankrupt
The Return of Franken-Food
Pharmaceuticals Showing Up in Americans' Water, AP
March 8
Brazilian Protesters Destroy GM Crops: Group
Oyster Growers Seek Natural Disaster Declaration
Water Bills to Double
March 5
Wheat Supplies, Already Tight, May Be Hurt by Global Drought
Rice Now Too Costly to Give Away
March 4
Glenn Beck: Government's Outrageous Grain Choices - video
Food Prices Continue to Increase as World Supplies Diminish
USA Grain Exports - Where to, How Much?
Water Shortages Cause Saudis to Cease Grain Production
Cut Drought Aid to Farmers, Rudd Told
Farmers Brace for Steep Rise in Fertiliser Prices
March 2
U.S. Vulnerable Drought-Induced Price Spikes in Food and Fuel
Surging Food Prices Put the World on High Alert
Crop Prices Rise in Development Downturn
Soaring Food Prices Imperil U.S. Emergency Aid
Pizza Makers in a Pinch Over Rising Wheat Prices
Vet Shortage Threatens Food System
Water Negotiations Fail Between Alabama, Florida and Georgia
Jacksonville Jumps into Legal Battle Over Tapping St. Johns
New Mad Cow Case Confirmed in Canada
USDA Rejects 'Downer' Cow Ban
The World's Growing Food-Price Crisis
A Fifth of China's Farmland Affected By Drought
Abnormally Dry Winter Weather Threatens Crops in Food-Starved North Korea
February 28
Tenn. Mayor Delivers Bottled Water to Parched Georgia
February 27
Alabama, Florida and Georgia May Not Agree on Water-Sharing
Water Fight Near Boiling Point
Bottlers Making Millions Off Dwindling Forida Water Supply
Experts: Global Food Shortages Could ‘Continue for Decades'
Doomsday Vault for World’s Seeds Is Opened Under Arctic Mountain
US Wheat Soars Limit As Supplies Dwindle
Wheat Prices Hit Record High
February 25
Impact of Beef Recall Widens; Soups, Sauces & More Affected
Almond Disaster: January's Storm Will Leave Mark for Years
Growers are Poised for Imminent Almond Bloom
Food Supply at Risk in Wake of Huge Beef Recall
World Grain Demand Straining U.S. Supply
Boiling Point for the ‘Soft’ Commodities
Food Shortage Sparks Cuba-Style Rationing
Invest in Food: Prices About to Skyrocket
Drought Kills Fortunes From French Truffle
How Many More Food Price Hikes Will Consumers Eat?
UK Farmers Want to Grow GM Crops
Biodiversity 'Doomsday Vault' Comes to Life in Arctic
February 22
Rising Food Prices Blamed on Drought
Inspectors Say Meat Safety Is Threatened
Food Industry Says Prices Headed Up Again in '08
US to Take Own Food to Olympics
Trouble Ahead for the Family Farm!
February 21
Why Our Burgers Still Aren’t Safe
February 20
Ala., Fla. and Ga. Signed Pact of Secrecy for Water Talks
London Mayor Launches Blitz on Bottled Water
Congress to Investigate Food Safety Process in Wake of Chino Slaughterhouse Scandal
Famines May Occur Without Record Crops This Year, Potash Says
Stop Supporting a Tainted Food Supply
Inflation Rises to 11-Year-High As Food Costs Soar
China Tightens Grip on Grain
5 Countries' Crops at Risk From Menacing Locust Swarm
February 18
GE Sugar? Not So Sweet
February 17
One Third of US Food Supply at Stake
Fiji Villagers Run Out of Food
Sky High Wheat Prices Threaten Canadian Bakers' Bread and Butter
USDA Makes Nation's Largest Beef Recall
Cruelty Charges Filed Against Slaughterhouse Boss
Cost of Bread Skyrockets Amid Wheat Shortage
Lunacy: US Won't Restrict Exports of Wheat
China Suffers 15 Billion Dollar Loss from Snow Disaster
Freakish Winter Weather Hits Nearly 30M Acres of Crops in China
US Farmers Short on Migrant Workers Move to Mexico
American Farmers Cross the Border for Labor - flashback
Farms Get Help From Inmates
The Farm Worker Shortage, Immigration and a Probable Solution
New Zealand Farmers Still Desperate Despite Break in Drought
Wheat Prices Reach Nearly $20 a Bushel
GM Crop Trial Locations May Be Hidden From Public
Rising Food Prices Hurt Consumers Hard in India
February 13
Doreen Hannes on National Animal Identification System: How Government Wants to Control the Food - Mp3
Global Demand Lifts Grain Prices, Gobbles Supplies
Cereal Stockpiles Continue to Fall
UK Food Price Rises Are Biggest Ever
EU Orders China to Prove That Rice is GMO Free
Sustainable Future Will Require Food Production Innovation
NAU & Ag
Drought Cuts 10 Percent Off Australian Agricultural Production
Australia Probes Soaring Food Prices
US Store Chain Cuts Sales of Food From China
Next Threat to Food Crop: Insects
February 11
FDA Approval Means Cloned Meat Could Make It to Dinner Tables
Man's Genetically Modified Food Supply… and Lo, a Black Horse…
Orange Juice Crop Sinks; Prices at Grocery Up Nearly 12 Percent
In Texas, Dairies and Ethanol Plants Threaten Groundwater Supplies
Can the World Afford a Middle Class?
$10 Wheat Not High Enough for You?
EU Wheat Hits 5-Month High as U.S. Prices Surge
Hard to Stomach
Rat Invasion Fuels Famine Fears in Remote Bangladesh
Asia Licks Its Lips Over Year of the Rat
February 8
Why the Price of 'Peak Oil' Is Famine
As Supplies Dry Up, Growers Pass on Farming and Sell Water
Grain Worries on Low Supplies and Expected Drought
Canadian Wheat Supplies Plunge 30 Percent After Drought Hurt Crops
Purchasing Wheat Costs More Dough
People Getting Desperate: $16,000 of Canola Stolen From Canadian Farmer
Food Prices Keep Jumping
UK Food Industry Must Adapt to Commodity Shortages, Report
Hundreds of Fla. Schools Pull Suspect Beef From Cafeterias
February 6
Toxic Fish Sicken Dozens Across U.S.
February 5
Wal-Mart Becomes First Nationwide U.S. Grocer to Adopt Global Food Safety Initiative Standards
Rising CO2 Levels: A Double Whammy for the Food Supply
Humane Society Footage Raises Food Safety Questions
Wheat Rises as Prices Set Record in Minneapolis on Tight Supply
UK Food Prices Soar to All-Time Record
Thais Hold Key to Rice Shortages
February 4
Consumers Trust Activists, Grocers, More Than Government
Bird Flu Scare Raises Food Prices in UAE
Food Price Hike Shock
'Doomsday' Seeds Arrive in Norway
End of the Milk Bottle? Supermarket Begins Selling Milk in a BAG
February 1
Scientists See Looming Water Crisis in Western U.S.
January Freeze Costs Florida Strawberry Growers $15 Million
New Purification Plant Answers California's Water Crisis
January 31
Insecticide Poisons Chinese Dumplings: 5-Year-Old Girl in Serious Condition, Charges Considered As Food Recalled
Is China Trying to Poison Americans and Their Pets? - flashback
January 30
Food Prices Up Most Since '90
Cloned Beef Is Perfectly Safe. Trust Us—We’re Agribusiness, and We’re Here to Help You
Australia's Biggest Grocer Says Food Prices Will Continue to Rise in the Months Ahead
Haiti's Rising Food Prices Drive Poor Haitians to Eat Mud
Harmful Pesticides Found in Everyday Foods
Product Recalls: Sesame Seeds and Glue Guns
MIT: Human-Generated Ozone Will Damage Crops
January 29
Hershey's Candy Bars Going Up in Price
Rethinking the Meat-Guzzle
The Battle for Food, Oil and Water
Gaza Border Breach Fuels Anger Over Food Shortages
Bill Calls for Sugar-Substitute Ban
Farming in Utopia
Drought Hits Australian Wine Prices
January 28
Worse News on Food Safety
Americans to Drink More Treated Sewage
January 26
Global Grain Supplies Decline to 50 Days
Skyrocketing Price of Food Has U.S. Consumers Scrambling
Davos Report Predicts Rising Food, Energy and Financial Insecurity
Richland's Bees Go AWOL, Food Supply Suffers
Venezuelan Troops Seize Food
Venezuela Swallows Rhetoric, Buys American Food
‘Either the Price Drops or the People Will Rise’
Malaysia to Stockpile Food Staples to Avoid Shortage
Malaysian Police Break Up Price Hike Protest
Indonesia's Markets and and Shopping Centers Empty Nationwide
Indonesians Stress Rises With Higher Food Prices
Food Riots of the 21st Century
Pasta Panic Strikes Italy
Communists March Over Rising Food Prices
Food and Water Worries Are Top Priorities, Say Davos Speakers
100 Percent jump in Indian Onion Prices
A Stewing 'Onion Crisis' Rattles India's Governing Elite
Recent Food Scares Lower Consumer Confidence From 82% to 66% in 2008
World Food Stocks Dwindling Rapidly, UN Warns
Public Will Have to Start Paying Real Food Prices
Demand for Organic Food Outpaces Local Supply
Food Supplies Too Scarce to Meet Relief Needs
Argentine Crops May Suffer as Dry, Hot Weather Covers Pampas
'Friendly Bacteria' Products Linked to 24 Deaths
January 24
UN Warns Biofuels Could Limit Food Supply
Food Prices to Rocket With Power Crisis
Food Prices Expected to Rise 50 Percent More
January 23
Prices of Suckling Pigs Double Due to Supply Shortage in China
Food, Protest, Politics...
Control the Food - Control the Population
Chavez Issues Warning: No Food Storage
Chavez Threatens to Seize Farms
Venezuela: Set for 60% Food Scarcity in Basic Staples
Venezuela's Chavez Threatens to Seize Properties If Caught Hoarding
Venezuela Imports 74,000 Tons of Food to Avert Crisis
Food and Gas Shortages, Cold-Related Deaths Plague Ahmadinejad
Consumers Hope for Reasons Behind Rising Food Prices
Aussie Grocery Prices Double Over U.S., Canada, France, Italy; Four Times the Pace of Britain
Aussies to Monitor Food Prices Online
World Faces Food Shortages
FAO Sees Record World Food Prices Staying
Bread Riot Blocks Traffic in South Beirut
Bakery Protest Keeps Bread Off Fujairah Shelves
Nicaraguan Bread Makers Protest Threats of Price Restrictions
Kenya: Bread Prices Rise As Bakers Rely on Imports
Children Starve As Zimbabwe's Grain Goes to Make Luxury Dog Food
Bread Price Sparks South African Protest
Russian Pensioners Protest Against High Food Prices
Rising Cost of Food: Soaring Soyabean Price Stirs Anger Among Poor
Egypt’s Problem and Its Challenge: Bread Corrupts
Over 1 Million Afghans Face Food Shortage Due to Rising Prices
Across Asia, Food is the New Oil As Prices Surge
No Light, No Heat, No Bread: Stark Reality for the Powerless in Gaza
Bahrain Begs: ‘Spare Us Our Bread’
Measures to Curb Asia's Spiraling Food Prices
Food Shortage Hits Charity Pantries
World Faces Food Shortages
Oil Demand to Divert One Third of Grain From the Dinner Table
Are You Affected by Rising Food Prices?
Severe Famine Hits Northeastern Uganda, Affecting Over 600,000 People
China Seen Facing Tapioca Shortage for Ethanol
EU Lawyers Say No to Poland's Biotech Ban
Empty Seas: Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Boatloads of Migrants Follow
January 21
Climate Change May Lead to 40% Loss in Food Production
Drought Pares State Crop Yields
Bread Price Rises Surpass Drought Impacts
Food Price Inflation is Here to Stay
Floating Desalination Factory Possible Solution to Water Woes
Unleashing GMO Seeds: "Food is Power"
January 19
An Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories
Potential Drought Predicted for Iowa and What That Means for Food Supplies
Thieves Target Kansas Grain Elevators
Pakistan Army Guards Scarce Grain
Pakistanis Scramble to Buy Flour — Many Fail
Global Food-Riot Watch
The Global Grain Bubble
We Need to Tighten Our Belts ... Our Days of Cheap Food are About to End
Missouri In Water Fight With North Dakota
Dominican Avian Flu Outbreak Threatens Haiti's Food Supply
Study Explains How Protein Keeps Hunger at Bay
January 17
Experts Make Grim Predictions for Global Food Supply
The Secret to Quick, Tasty Meals
The Battle Over Bottled vs. Tap Water
Mom, Can We Have Cloned Meat for Dinner?
USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market
Beef Prices Poised to Surge on Back of High Grain Prices, Empty Feedlots
U.S. Food Safety: The Import Alarm Keeps Sounding
U.S. Food Safety: A Grocery List of Tainted Products
U.S. Food Safety: A Shopping List of Solutions
Indonesian Govt Takes Emergency Steps on Food Prices After Protests in Jakarta
Food Fear Beats Climate Change
Tainted Tap Water Forces 1,000 Chinese to Seek Treatment: Report
January 15
Chavez Promises Food Sovereignty for Venezuela
FDA Says Clones Are Safe for Food
Food Cost Increase Adds £750 to Annual Bill
UK Food Prices Accelerating Faster Than Ever
Afghan Food Prices Soar, 2 Million Go Hungry
Corn Futures Jump to 12-Year High Amid Global Supply Tightness
January 14
Agribusiness Giants Seek to Gain Worldwide Control Over Our Food Supply
January 12
Food Crunch
Grains Likely to be More Volatile
La Nina Poses Extra Threat to Farming
US Farms Data Feed Cereal Price Hike Fears
Costing More to Eat Healthy
January 7
Food ... and How It's Going to Change the World
Food Prices to Continue to Climb in 2008
Australian Food Company CEOs Forecast Rocketing Food Prices
Australian Food Prices to Skyrocket
Saudi Food Prices Seen Up 30% in '08
January 4
Forget Oil, the New Global Crisis is Food
Food Inflation and Food Shortages
Higher Food Prices Start to Pinch Consumers
Tight Supply May Hit Grain Stability
Fears Over Food Price Inflation
Thousands of Tons of Organic Food Produced Using Toxic Chemicals
38 Non-Organic Ingredients Found in 'USDA Organic' Foods
Florida Citrus Crops Escape Severe Damage Despite Freezing Weather
Australia Looks to GM Crops After Scorching 2007
Alert Over the March of the 'Grey Goo' in Nanotechnology Frankenfoods
January 3
Orange Freeze Scares Growers
Freezing Weather Threatens Florida's Giant Citrus, Vegetable Industry
Healthy Food Getting More Expensive
January 2
Every Drop Counts: Struggle for Colorado Water Rights
Colorado Compact: Drought, Demand Test Historic Water-Use Agreement
Bullet Holes Drain Dry Town's Water Supply
Tainted Vodka Kills 11 Celebrating New Year in Mongolia