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Internet Traffic Report
World Internet Stats
Real-Time Hack Attacks
Radiation Database User Guide - Worldwide HAARP, VLF, Radar, & Nuclear DB – one of the most useful additions ever to Google Earth
Map of Internet & Cell Phone Outages

WikiLeaks Prove CIA Collects Location Data From ALL WiFi Devices
Frighteningly Accurate ‘Mind Reading’ AI Reads Brain Scans to Guess What You’re Thinking
The Growing Threat of Ransomware Attacks
Russian Malware Threatens Power Systems
The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize
Companies Struggle to Recover…
Kaspersky Lab: Cyberattack Involved NEW Malware
Rare but Real: People Who Feel, Taste and Hear Color – HOLLY NOTE: This is something experienced in Heaven by those who undergo NDEs.
A Machine Is Visualizing the Ghostly WiFi Waves That Surround Us
6 Ways The Power Grid Could Collapse
Ukrainian Banks, Electricity Firm Hit By Fresh Cyber Attack
Also Hit in Cyber Attack: CHERNOBYL Radiation System – 'Goldeneye' Ransomware Strikes Across the Globe Including US Drug Firm Merck and Advertising Giant WPP
…Plus Kiev’s Boryspil Airport and US Law Firm DLA Piper
Was Russian Hacking of Ukraine's Power Grid a Test Run for US Attack?
UK Energy Industry Cyber-Attack Fears Are 'Off the Scale'
Israeli Power Grid Authority Suffers Massive Cyber Attack – flashback
'Operation Popeye' Confirms Weather Warfare and the Massive Ongoing Cover-up
The Age of No Privacy: The Surveillance State Shifts into High Gear
800,000 Routers Vulnerable to Hacks
How to Delete Yourself from the Internet
50% of Smart Gadgets Are Prone to Hacks
Two British Men Arrested in Connection with a ‘Worldwide Conspiracy to Hack Microsoft Network’
World's Largest Container Ship That Weighs Nearly 240,000 Tons and Spans 4 Football Fields Makes Maiden Call at UK Port
ID 2020 Digital identity Pushed as a Basic Human Right
Hiding in Secret Underground Bunkers, Eating Wild Birds and Pets, and Saving Secretaries But Not Wives: How Government Elites Planned to Survive a Nuclear Attack
Stunned Archaeologists Discover 3,400-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Tomb Containing More Than a Dozen Mummies
E-cigs Can Be Used To Hack Your Computer and Steal All Your Secrets
Cellphone, Internet Outages Reported Across the U.S.
When It Comes to EMP Preparedness You Only Have 2 Choices
How BAE Sold Cyber-Surveillance Tools to Arab States – video
Attention Flat-Earthers: Proving the Earth Is Not Flat - Part 1: The Horizon – video
Proving the Earth Is Not Flat - Part 2: The Stars – video
Proving the Earth Is Not Flat - Part 3: The Moon – video
Proving the Earth is not Flat - Part 4: Easy Experiments – video
50+ Reasons Earth Is NOT Flat! – video
Australian Farmer’s Weed-Destroying Invention Draws World Interest
Italian Farm Acts as a Lab to Find Out If Can Animals Predict Earthquakes
The Challenge of Modernizing Nuclear Weapons
5 Locations Where the Government Will Hide During Nuclear War
NKorea Could Reportedly Wreak Havoc with High-Altitude Nuclear Blast
Are You Prepared to Face This? How the World Could Change in 7 Days
Residential Standby Generators for EMP and Severe Solar Storms
Devastating Global Cyber Attack Imminent, Warn Experts
Global Hackers Launch Malware Subscription Service
US Company to Start Trials 'Reawakening the Dead'
A Hardware Update for Human Brain
The Hypersonic Threat That Keeps US Commanders Up at Night
China Developing 'Transformer' Warship That Doubles as a Stealth Submarine
IBM's New 5Nm Architecture Crams 30 Billion Transistors onto Fingernail-Sized Chip
Safari Will Automatically Block Those Annoying Autoplay Videos
Can America's Missile Shield Hold Up Against Growing ICBM Threats? Experts Disagree
Pentagon Fast Tracks $260M Project to Build Weapon That Can Take Out Several Warheads at Once
Revealed: Tom Hanks' 'Scariest Building' Is a Nuclear Bomb-Proof AT&T Skyscraper Where the NSA Spies on Manhattan's Phone Calls
Cyborg Dragonfly Spy Takes to the Sky: Researcher Show Off Modified 'Surveillance Insect'
World's Largest Airplane Rolls Out of Calif. Hangar
MAY 31
'Successfully' Intercepted: Pentagon Confirms It Shot Down ICBM-type Target Over Pacific Ocean with Eyes on NKorea Tensions
Pentagon: Targeting Inbound Dummy ICBM Like 'Hitting a Bullet with a Bullet
NASA to Release Artificial Clouds in the Sky Above Maryland Coast
Scientists Map the Genome of Ancient Egyptian Kings, and They Weren’t from Africa
MAY 30
The Origin of Life by Chance or Design: Dr. Duane Gish
MAY 26
1/3 of Americans Live in a Household with 3 or More Smartphones
MAY 25
Test Rocket Makes Successful Launch into Space from New Zealand
MAY 24
Time Travel Might Be Possible Through Black Holes and 'a Cunning Plan', Experts Claim
My Month with Chemtrails Conspiracy Theorists
Miners Find 794 Pound Emerald in Brazil
Scientists: Europe Was Birthplace of Mankind, Not Africa
Tooth That Proves 'Triceratops-style' Horned Dinosaurs Roamed Eastern US Could Rewrite Our Planet's History
MAY 23
The Cyber Warfare Cell That Worries the West – North Korea's Unit 180
Journalists Brains Operate at a Lower Level Than Average
MAY 19
Technology Is the Master of Modern Slavery
MAY 18
Another Large-Scale Cyberattack Underway That Could Dwarf Last Week's Assault
Super Soldiers? Special Ops Troops May Get Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Scientists Get Closer to Making Personalized Blood Cells By Using Patients' Own Stem Cells
MAY 17
China Creating Massive "Orwellian" DNA Database
Instagram Suffers Worldwide Outage After Launching Snapchat-Copycat Filters
MAY 16
Experts Say Early Evidence Points to North Korea as Culprit of Global Hack
WannaCry Attack Just a Taste of New Age Cybercrime
How to Protect Yourself From a Ransomware Attack
Stone Age Fire-Making Stone, Dating to Beginning of Civilization, Discovered on Highway
There Are No Tapes, But There May Be Recordings
Volkswagen Recalling 292,000 Porsches and Audis for Fire Hazard
Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1 Million Ram Pickups
Angry Woman Breaks Annoying Woman's Phone – video
MAY 15
Devastating Global Web Hack Could Wreak Havoc as Week Begins
White House Calls Emergency Meetings as Global Cyberattack Spreads
Stephen Hawking Says New Smart Pill is Proven to Double IQ
22-year-old Researcher Helped Stop Cyberattack
ElMP Attack on Hawaii Would Devastate the State
MAY 12
Largest-Ever Hack Attack Affects at Least 99 Countries
…'WannaCry' Hits Hospitals, Banks, Governments, FedEx
Top Targets: Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan
Exploited Known Bug in Microsoft’s Windows Operating System
Infection Spreads – Live Map
Trump Signs Order on Cybersecurity That Holds Agency Heads Accountable for Network Attacks
Latest Radio Signals from Space Stump Scientists
Bold Asteroid Base Plan, Trillion Dollar Mining Operation – HOLLY NOTE: Just like Russia is light years ahead of the U.S. in the Arctic to acquire its priceless oil and mineral resources, China looks to mine potentially trillions of dollars in precious metals on asteroids. Bush began axing the space program in 2004 and Obama finished its execution in 2011. Instead of generating massive new revenue streams, we're spending trillions on other countries' wars.
MAY 11
Colorado State University Research Could Add Years to Human Life
Chinese Supercomputers Threaten U.S. Security
More Android Phones Than Ever Are Covertly Listening for Inaudible Sounds in Ads
Researchers: Hidden Signals in TV Ads Direct Smartphones to Spy on Owners
FBI Director: Criminal Use of Encryption Is Skyrocketing
Student Creates First Synthetic Retina For the Visually Impaired
Russia's New Super Weapons That Are Causing the World to Take Notice
Foolproof Solution to Stop TSA from Stealing Your Valuables Out of Your Carry-On Bag – video
$30M Sex Robot Industry Races to Create Best A.I. Counterpart That’s ‘Better in the Sack’ Than a Human
APR 28
Canada Hit By Countrywide Internet, TV and Phone Outage as Shaw Went Dark, Software Failure
Google and Facebook Duped in Huge 'Scam'
Cryogenically Frozen Brains Will Be 'Woken Up' and Transplanted in Donor Bodies Within 3 Years, Claims Surgeon
Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER! – video
APR 27
Cashless Society Getting Closer, Survey Finds
If You’re Not Using OPTICAL Storage, Your Data Could Be Wiped Out By an EMP
Ancient Stone Carvings Confirm How Comet Struck Earth in 10,950 BC, Sparking the Rise of Civilizations
APR 26
Artificial Womb Helps Tiny Lambs Grow in ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Study That Could Help Human Preemies
APR 24
Friday's Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm – HOLLY NOTE: If this is the cause, it's a reminder of what happens when the Sun throws a fit. More of these are predicted that will be much worse, so now would be a good time for those who haven't prepped for emergencies to get busy. For the rest who are well-stocked, use this time to complete those preps that have been put off till later'. In the midst of any disaster isn't the time to regret, shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Related: Solar Storm Scientists Prepare for Geomagnetic Event That Could Destroy Technology Across the World for Years – HOLLY NOTE: While this article this article suggests scientists are 'preparing', the grid that sustains ALL life as we know it, is not yet hardened. 'Preparing' could mean anything from forming committees to address the problem or even just talking about they ought to be doing something. It certainly doesn't mean the grid is ready for an EMP hit – evidenced by the Friday's San Francisco power outage.
APR 21
Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Part of 1,200 InterContinental Hotels Cyber Attack
Experts Baffled By Discovery of Hundreds of Mysterious Tunnels in Brazil
APR 19
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Confirms It IS Developing a 'Mind Reading' Brain Interface
Report: School-Issued Computers ‘Spy’ on Children Without Parental Consent
Large Hadron Collider Finds 'Intriguing Anomalies' That Could Rewrite The Rules Of Physics
Rise of the Smart City
The Most Controversial DNA Test You've Never Heard Of
APR 17
Getting Ready: Pentagon to Protect Electric Grid from Massive Attack – HOLLY NOTE: Let's hope they follow through and get this massive project finished quickly in light of this:
Report: National Grid in 'Imminent Danger' from Cyberattack – video
US Army Exploring ‘Devastating’ New Weapon for Use In War with Russia – Moves Up to 6x the Speed of Sound and Can Destroy Anything in Its Path
Oldest Known Rock Art Discovered in Southern Africa Dates Back More Than 5,000 Years
Facebook Cracks Down on Fake Accounts After Identifying Massive 'Network of Spammers'
NSA Code That Can Break into Any Windows Computer Is Released By Hacking Collective That Claims Spy Agency Spies Penetrated Mideast Banking Networks
APR 14
These May Be the Deepest Traces of Life on Earth
APR 12
Humanity Already Losing Control of A.I.
Early Quake Warning System Expands to Oregon, Washington
APR 10
Employees In Europe Getting Implanted With Microchips
Google Makes Cash From Videos That Promote Self-Harm in New Front in the row over its Profits From Hate
What Could Have Caused Poland's Crooked Forest?
The End of the Egg: Twitter Kills Off Its Default Profile Photo for a 'Neutral' Human Silhouette
Beating Human Heart Tissue Grown from Spinach Leaves
MAR 29
Paralyzed Man Moves Again With 'Thought Control'
Australia's Jurassic Park': World's Biggest Dinosaur Footprint Unearthed in Western Australia
Extreme Space Weather: Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure
MAR 27
CCTV-Studded, Teargas-Shooting, Water-Cannon-Ed Riot-Control Killdozer
Russia Builds 'Unstoppable' 4,600mph Cruise Missile That Could Sink the Royal Navy's New $7.5B Aircraft Carriers with a Single Strike
MAR 24
The Senate Just Voted to Undo Landmark Rules Covering Your Internet Privacy
MAR 23
300 Million Apple Users at Risk of Hacks Unless Apple Pays Ransom
IRS Warning! Watch Out for These Tax-Themed Phishing and Malware Scams
MAR 21
Large Hadron Collider Finds 5 New Subatomic Particles 'Hiding in Plain Sight' That Could Shed New Light on How the Universe Began
OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation in World History – Courageous Chemtrail Pilot Exposes the Global Geoengineering Program
MAR 17
US Charges 2 Russian Spies and 2 Hackers in Yahoo Data Breach
Supersonic Planes WITHOUT the Earth-Shaking Sonic Boom Could Arrive By 2023
Ambitious, Controversial Plan to Tunnel Under Stonehenge
MAR 15
Solid Metal "Remembers" Liquid State
Lockheed Martin Says Mars Base Camp Possible By 2028
MAR 14
NASA Tests Radical Electric Propulsion System That Could Take Man to Mars on a Single Tank of Fuel
400,000-year-old Skull of a Mystery Human Ancestor with Neanderthal Traits Sheds Light on How Our Ancient Relatives Evolved in Europe
MAR 13
As Many as 48 Million Twitter Accounts Aren't People, They're Bots
9 Amazon Prime Perks You're Probably Not Using
Block Spam and Marketing Text Messages
Data Breach Hits World's Largest Payment System Manufacturer
Watch Your Email! 1.4 Billion Addresses Leaked!
World Wide Web's Inventor Warns It's in Peril on 28th Anniversary
MAR 10
Drones Threatened Nuclear Facilities
Pentagon: Russia, China Able to Launch Catastrophic Cyber Attacks on U.S. Infrastructure for Next 10 Years
Amazon's Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA? – video
Related: CIA $600 Million Deal for Amazon's Cloud – flashback
Related: Amazon, ‘The Washington Post’ and That $600 MIllion CIA Contract – flashback
Scientists Successfully Store Computer Files in DNA
With Help of Lasers, NASA Hopes to Create the 'Coldest Spot in the Universe'
WikiLeaks Releases 'Entire Hacking Capacity of the CIA'
You Can Tell Whether the CIA Has Hacked Your TV
Government Spooks Can Use the Mic and Camera on Trump’s Phone Even When He Thinks It's Turned Off
Washington DC Ambulances Fitted with Dirty Bomb Detectors to 'Sniff Out' Threats and Warn of Nuclear Attacks
Another 32 Million Yahoo Accounts Breached
Systems Down All Thursday Afternoon for Multiple Banks in Texas
Is The Tyranny of a Cashless Society Coming?
Key Experiment at World's Biggest Atom Smasher Gets Upgrade
Get Ready for Robots With Human Flesh
Surprising New Study Finds That the Mantle Is Hotter Than We Thought
Study Finds New Mechanism to Control Information Flow in the Brain
Earliest Evidence of Life on Earth 'Found'
Canadian Scientists Found a Way to Grow Human Tissue on Apples
Tourists Using Google Maps to Get to Rio Landmark Enter Favela, Get Shot
Massive Internet Outage Sweeps East Coast
Earth Probably Began with a Solid Shell
'Quartz' Crystals at the Earth's Core Power Its Magnetic Field
Scientists Use Nanoparticles, Ultraviolet Light to Turn CO2 into Fuel
FEB 28
Barclays Server Crash Leaves Customers Unble to Withdraw Cash, Use Debit Cards
The Tyranny of a Cashless Society Coming?
RFID Wristbands Improve Guest Convenience with Cashless Purchasing and Access Control
Cash Is Passé. But Digital Money Makes You Easier to Track
100 Days Since Cash Ban, Queues Prevail, Money Supply Remains Low
In the Banker War on Cash, New Zealand and Canada Are the Next Major Countries on the Banker Hit List
FEB 24
Grid-Protecting CIPA: Enacted, But In Time?
Google Launches Robo-Tool to Flag 'Hate Speech' Online
Vitamix Adds RFID to Its Food Blenders
Mexican Skull Study Reveals Man Made Multiple Migrations to the Americas and Didn't Mix With Their Neighbors
Hackers Can Steal Your Information Simply By Analyzing the LED Lights on Your Computer
FEB 22
Apple's iPhone 8 to Have 'Revolutionary' Depth Sensing Camera and Could Even Take 3D Selfies
FEB 21
Mystery Surrounds Return of Pentagon's Secretive X-37B Spaceplane
New Method Uses Heat Flow to Levitate Variety of Objects
BMW Developing Flying Motorcycle
Gene Editing Mulled for Improving Livestock
Fully-Grown Pig Chimeras Just a Few Years Away
The Cyberhacking to Come
FEB 20
SpaceX Launches Rocket from NASA's Historic Moon Pad
Laughter Therapy: The Healing Power of Humor
FEB 17
76 Popular iPhone Apps Might Be Secretly Leaking Your Information
Scientists: We Can Clone a Woolly Mammoth. But Should We?
India Launches Record-breaking 104 Satellites into Orbit
FEB 14
Criminals Using Tasers in Carjackings
Study: Firstborn Children Are Smarter Than Their Siblings
Outlawing Microchipping Humans Not So Far Fetched, Nevada Senator Says
FEB 13
Quantum Computing: A Radical Transformation of the World of Computing and Soon, Our Human Existence
'We Need to Significantly Lift Our Game': Australia Is Not the Innovation Nation We Like to Think It Is
FEB 10
As Bee Populations Dwindle, Robot Bees May Pick Up Some of Their Pollination Slack
Belgian Firm Offers Employees Microchipping to Replace Their ID Cards
Scary Fileless Malware Infects Banks Worldwide
Man’s Pacemaker Used to Track and Charge Him With Crime
Biometric Bedroom Doors, Bulletproof Walls & Floors, Gassing Systems: A Look at the Ultra Rich’s Extreme Home Security Measures
HALF of Super Bowl Ads Stayed Away from Social Media. End of the Hashtag?
Madrid unveils World's First 3D Printed Bridge
This Brain-Reading Cap Lets Locked-In Syndrome Patients Have Conversations
No Ink Required: Paper Can Be Printed With Light
This Thing Is Your Ancestor?
JAN 31
US Scientists Created Human-Animal Hybrid for First Time, Nephilim Next? – video
Planet Earth Makes Its Own Water from Scratch Deep in the Mantle
Are We Living in a Hologram? Physicists Reveal 'Substantial Evidence' Our Universe Is an Illusion
JAN 30
Beware of New "Can You Hear Me" Scam
US No Longer Has Geography As Defense, Ally in Cybercombat
JAN 27
Human/Pig Chimera Embryos Created
Bank of Canada Under Siege From Hackers and the Chink in Its Armour Is Its Employees
Mathematician Wants to Fight Tsunamis With Sound Waves
JAN 25
Massive Networks of Fake Accounts Found on Twitter
China's Radical $168 Million Weather Mod System Revealed
Russia Unveils New Weapon That Can Shatter Any Armour: Scientists Successfully Test Railgun Which Fires Bullets at 6,710 mph
Ultrafast Camera Captures 'Sonic Booms' of Light for First Time
JAN 20
A New Theory May Finally Explain Fabled 'Fairy Circles'
Frankly, We Do Give a Damn: Study Finds Links Between Swearing and Honesty
JAN 19
Pentagon Plans for EMP Weapon Powerful Enough to Cripple an Entire City
How Exactly Did the Department of Defense End Up In My Child’s Classroom?
Feds Want Facial Biometrics That Can ID People Based on Facial Hair, Skin Tone, Weight, More
Babies Remember Their Birth Language - Scientists
Scientists Want to Bring Back Extinct Caspian Tiger
Lack of Radio Operators a ‘Significant Gap’ in Ability to Respond to Serious Earthquake
JAN 17
Obama to Leave U.S. Vulnerable to EMP Attack
Light Source Discovery 'Challenges Basic Assumption' of Physics
Robots Need 'Kill Switches', Warn Euro MPs
"The Asteroid Winter" – Chicxulub Impact Blocked Sunlight, Led to Extinction of Dinosaurs – HOLLY NOTE: Looks like scientists are circling back to the original theory of the Chicxulub asteroid impact from small mammals ate their eggs, to their bodies became too large to be operated by their small brains to stripping bare all the vegetation in their habitat to climate change to a supernova showering Earth in radiation.
JAN 16
Family Tree Now – Another Invasive Website Pops Up – HOLLY NOTE: To opt out, go here and verify you're listed by entering your name and state. On the next page, enter your name, city, state and birth year. Once that page comes up under Living People Records, click View Details. If this is you, go to their opt-out page and follow the steps. If you have multiple names, like from a divorce or marriage, or if you've used middle names or initials, these names may need to be opted out, too.
Color Test Reveals Whether You're Outgoing, Sparkly Or Bold
JAN 13
Death of the Desktop: Sales of Personal Computers Plummet as People Turn to Phones and Tablets
JAN 12
U.S. Deploys High-Tech Radar Amid Heightened NKorea Rhetoric: Official
JAN 11
Pentagon Tests World's Largest Hive-Mind-Controlled Drone Swarm That Can Jam Weapons, Spy on Enemies and Launch Deadly Attacks
JAN 10
The Birth of Half-Human, Half-Animal Chimeras
U.S. Army Wants to Turn Bullets Into Plants
CDOT, Panasonic to Turn I-70 into a 'Smart Highway'
Twitter Might Finally Add Much-Requested 'Edit' Tool
WhatsApp Scams: Gold, Free Money, Spying Apps And Everything Else You Should Worry About
Real-Time Hacks Around the World
New Organ Discovered Inside Human Body By Scientists So Now There Are 79
Top 10 Tech Trends Transforming Humanity
How Long Did It Take to Hatch a Dinosaur Egg? Study Says 3-6 Months
Britain Considers Installing ‘Kill Switches’ In Vehicles to Prevent Berlin-Style Terror Attacks
Simple Test Designed for 10-Year-Olds Leaves the Internet Baffled
Why the F/A-18 Is Such a Badass
7 Big Trends That Will Dominate Consumer Electronics Show 2017
Scientists Develop 'Wolverine'-Inspired Material That Heals Itself
The Votes Are In: Which Mobile Data Provider Is Best?
SpaceX Eyes January 8th Return to Flight After Finishing Up Accident Investigation
Why Google Co-Founder Larry Page Is Pouring Millions into Flying Cars
Prepare Yourself for the Age of 'Superaging'
Device Can Detect 17 Diseases By Our Breath
Lab Grows Human Skin to Test Cosmetics
Fresh Evidence Suggests Huge Fire Ripped Through Titanic Before It Struck Iceberg
The Man Who Wants to Block Porn Across the U.S.
Artificial intelligence Positioned To Be a Game-Changer – video
How to Deep Clean Your Social Media for 2017