If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

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U.S. to Allow Elephant Trophy Imports Despite Trump’s Condemnation – HOLLY NOTE: We've heard various takes on this story that Trump will allow these elephant-kill imports based on case-by-case scenarios alternating with his condemnation of same. This article says that Trump is against it, but that his administration (does that let Trump off the hook?) and will allow in trophy victims. While we largely support Pres. Trump and his agenda, this scenario sickens us as it will put big red targets on them.

Elephants are magnificent, intelligent, social, caring animals. The only reason they are hunted is for that 'trophy kill' notch on big game hunters' belts and for treasured, rare ivory. We don't eat their meat, we don't wear their skins for warmth. Hunters should kill something totally UNhelpful like 'endangered' prairie dogs.

In the early 80's when we lived in Loveland, CO, all along Hwy 287, between Loveland and Ft. Collins, prairie dogs had infested the entire area. Companies couldn't build on this prime real estate until every last prairie dog had been physically relocated, courtesy of bleeding heart 'Greenies".

In our then newly-developing subdivision in SW Loveland, prairie dogs had reproduced in gay abandon. They occupied and bred by the thousands, so the developer drove a 4-wheeler over thousands of acres distributing poisoned oats in an attempt to reduce their overwhelming colonies. If you only missed one hole or two, in short order, they had replenished their species to the full count. These menaces replicate in ferocious numbers. And they are endangered?

Their holes are mine fields for horses, sheep and cattle. When horses accidentally step into them, they often have to be put down due to unmendable, broken legs. Prairie dogs are enormous flea hosts that carry bubonic plague. They eat precious roots killing plants in short order. The only good function we see they perform is providing a food source for the black-footed ferret, coyotes and snakes. So, in our opinion, leave elephants alone, preserve them, protect and cherish them and for Heavens sake, don't sanction killing them. Instead, target rodents that are a menace and health issue.
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