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NASA Astronaut Who Spent a Year in Space Now Has Different DNA From His Twin
Start-up Develops Special Lens for 3-D Photography and Film
Scientists Reach 'Significant Milestone' in Race to Create World's First Quantum Computer – Discover How to Make Atoms in Silicon 'Talk' to Each Other
Never-Before-Seen Mineral Found Inside a 'Super Deep' Diamond
Scientist '99%' Sure Long-Lost Bones Solve Amelia Earhart Mystery
Numerous Alexa Owners Report Creepy Laugh Coming from Device
Prehistoric Cave Believed to Be 10 Million Years Old Found in Texas
Holographic Projection of a Whale Coming Out of a Wood Floor? It's a Fake – HOLLY NOTE: This was an amazing fake though there wasn't a drop of water in the room, let alone a whale. Friends, time is coming when you won't be able to tell what's real and what's not, playing right into End Times deceptions.
Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield
EMP Threat and Solution Explained – video of week
Is This What Doomsday Will Look Like? Shocking Footage Re-Emerges of Test of the Most Powerful Nuclear Device Ever Detonated By the US
Serious Warning About the Dark Side of A.I. – 'May Inflict Unprecedented Types and Scales of Damage'
World's Largest Family Tree Linking 13 Million People Reveals Fascinating Patterns of Migration and Marriage Over 500 Years in Europe and North America
FEB 27
The Feds Can Now Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Found with 40 Mummies and a Message 'from the Afterlife'
Theory and Facts About the Supercontinent Pangaea
FEB 23
Life After an EMP Attack – No Power in America! – video of day
North Korea Satellites 'IN PLACE for Devastating EMP Attack on US – video
The Blind Are Leading the Blind Towards the EMP Abyss: The EMP Threat Downplayed
Here’s How a North Korean Nuclear Attack Could Ruin the U.S. Economy
The EMP Threat: How It Works and What It Means for the Korean Crisis
The Very Real Threat of an EMP Attack
USA, USA, USA: America's 4G Network Is Ranked 62
nd 'Best' in the World (Behind Macedonia)
FEB 20
Revealed: Cash Eclipsed as Britain Turns To Digital Payments
Secret to Great Pyramid's Near Perfect Alignment Possibly Found
Fake Videos Are on the Rise. As They Become More Realistic, Seeing Shouldn't Always Be Believing
FEB 19
Navy Updates Policy To Protect Electronics Against EMP Blasts, Space Weather – HOLLY NOTE: This is like saying you're getting ready to get ready to do something.
Cellphone Providers Should Equip Phones in Case of EMP – HOLLY NOTE: This won't do any good unless the cell towers are hardened.
FEB 16
Iran Devising Phone Apps For ‘Mass Surveillance’ Of Dissidents, New Report Says
FEB 15
6 U.S. Intelligence Agencies Warn Against Using Huawei Phones
Trump Administration Looking to Privatize International Space Station: Report
Low-level Apple Employee Steals Secret Code, Posted Online in 'Biggest Leak in the Company's History'
Rock Art Rewrites The History of Saudi Arabia: 10,000-Year-Old Engravings Reveal Area Would Have Been Haven for Prehistoric Animals
Discovery of Neanderthal Tools Reveals Some Surprises
The Russian Hacking Group That Targeted The Election Is Trying to Steal Secret US Weapons Technology
Hackers Using Porn As Bait For Online Scams That 'steal Your Data And Money By the Second'
Law Enforcement Uses Smart Meter Parking Apps to Spy on Everyone
Could This Be the Face of Nefertiti?
New Search for Hidden Chambers in King Tut’s Tomb Underway
False Tsunami Warning Sent to East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean
U.S. Report on Status-6: "Mysterious Russian Doomsday Weapon"
China's Terrifying, Emerging Surveillance State
Nothing Is Real Anymore: Technology Exists to Download – for Free – That Allows Someone to Be Framed for Anything. – video of day
Lift This! Tractor Beams Nearing Reality?
Mastercard Wants All Buying & Selling Done Via Face and Hand Scanning Starting Next Year Across the EU – Every Bank Must Comply
Exodus: Users Spending 50 Million Fewer Hours per Day on Facebook
JAN 31
U.S. Probes Apple Over Updates That Slow Older iPhones
JAN 30
Our Enemies Could Use Nuclear Weapons to Create EMP Attack
Trump Must Issue Executive Order on EMP Defense
Cold Winters Testing Limits of Energy Grid
Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID
World's Largest Biometric ID System Keeps Getting Hacked
Man Killed After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine
Facebook Is Changing How Conservative Sites Appear in Your Newsfeed – Here’s How to Fix It
Fake Followers? Exposé on Devumi Spurs Backlash on Social Media's Black Market
55 Celebrities and More Who Have Fake Followers, According to The New York Times
Expert Warns AI Software Is Now the 'Weapon of Choice' in Global Arms Race
JAN 29
Driverless Cars and GPS: The Fearful Master
Trump Administration Is Thinking About Nationalizing a 5G Mobile Network
JAN 26
Tech Perv:
Next Gen Smartphone Cameras Could See Through Walls
Facebook Wants to Know Who You 'Usually Sleep With'
JAN 23
Tesla ‘on Autopilot’ Slams Into Parked Fire Truck on Freeway
JAN 18
Largest Known Underwater Cave on Earth Discovered in Mexico; Holds Clues to Mayan Civilization
Expert Creates New Prototype to Restore Old Lithium Batteries to 95% of Original Capacity, Drawing Interest From Major Tech Companies
How to Stop 'Extremely Disruptive' AI From Harming Society: Robert Shiller
JAN 16
Most Americans Still Don't Know What "EMP Attack" Even Means – video of week
Man Behind 'Sophia' AI Robot Plans to Create 'Super-Intelligent Genius Machines' That Win Humans' Trust
R.I.P. Christmas Drones; Many Already Go Missing
One of the Biggest Diamonds in History Has Just Been Dug Up
Flaw in Some Home and Chromecast Systems Are Causing Internet Networks to CRASH
JAN 12
The Threat of an Electromagnetic Attack
EMP: Technology’s Worst Nightmare
Meet Solana: New Sexbot With Swappable Face Unveiled
Mystery Deepens Over Fate of Super-Secret $1 Billion Military Satellite
It's Called The 5G BEAST SYSTEM for a Reason – video
JAN 11
Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites
Scientists Develop New Quantum Teleportation Test
Related: Japanese Scientists Prove Teleportation is Possible
Winter Olympics Targeted By Hackers Says Security Firm
SpaceX Successfully Launches Secret US Government Spacecraft in First Mission of 2018
Smart Meter Fires: They Just Won’t Go Away
Hackers Will Try to Exploit Spectre and Meltdown Bugs. What You Need to Know
Say Goodbye to Alexa and Siri, Resist the temptations of Google Home and Make Your Life More Human!
Own a Mac, PC or Smartphone? A Major Security Flaw Means You Need to Do This Now
Terminator-style Killer Robots Move A Step Closer after Engineers Create Self-Healing 'Synthetic Muscles' with Superhuman Strength
Love Robots Could Make Men, Not Women, Obsolete
Musk's AI Warnings Go Unheeded as China Builds Massive Campus for AI Development
Japanese Scientists Reveal Mind Reading AI Technology
Intel CEO Sold $24M in Stock after Firm Knew about Cyber Vulnerabilities
Billions of People Worldwide at Risk – Shocking Scale of 'Design Flaw' in Intel, AMD and Arm Chips Revealed
Where Is AI Headed in 2018? Your Phone Will Know You Better Than Your Friends Do