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JAN 16
US and Canada Host North Korea Nuclear Meeting in Vancouver Today
Trudeau Defends…
Andrew Coyne: Certainty of a Nuclear-Armed North Korea Leaves Only One Option for Canada
Now a Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK Issues False Alarm Over North Korean Missile Launch
State Department Warns Americans Going to North Korea to Make Funeral Arrangements and Draft a Will First
CDC Quietly Postpones Nuclear War Prep Briefing to Focus on the Flu
Sweden Reissues Cold War Booklet Advising What to Do in the Event of Conflict Following Russia's Intensified Military Manoeuvres
Troubled Cranberries Singer Dolores O'Riordan 'Dreadfully Depressed' Weeks Before She Was Found Dead at 46 Even if you aren't familiar with her name, you've likely heard her melodic Irish voice in Linger as well as many other notable hits like Dreams. – HOLLY NOTE: Recently the world has witnessed a number of suicides even by Christians. People often say that God never gives us more than we can bear and when I asked Stan about a scripture that supports this thought, he said it might have been a message misinterpreted from 1 Cor. 10:13. God promises you won't be tempted beyond what you are able to withstand, which is decidedly different from saying a person won't be burdened beyond what they can endure. See this commentary.
Australians Afraid to Go Out at Night Due to African Gangs
8 Bodies Found from 7 Years Ago as Latest North Korean 'Ghost Ship' Washes Ashore in Japan
Daredevil Back Flips Off a Cliff and Plunges Hundreds of Feet into a Lake Below
Model, 18, Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity to Pay for College - Claims Opening Bid Was $1.2 Million
JAN 15
US Quietly Conducts Exercises in Anticipation of War with NKorea
Expert: NKorea Able to Launch Sneak Attack With EMPs – N. Korea has built a “stealth satellite-launch” capability that would allow U.S. commanders in the Pacific just 60 seconds to decide whether to destroy a possible Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that could devastate the United States.

Speaking in an exclusive Newsmax interview, James Oberg, a NASA space-flight engineer for 22 years and the only Western space-launch expert to ever inspect North Korea’s sensitive Sohae Satellite Launching Station, warns North Korea has taken elaborate steps to camouflage its satellite-launch activities, allowing them to easily launch a satellite carrying a nuclear weapon that could strike the U.S.

Oberg’s claims confirm the warning made earlier this week by R. James Woolsey, a former CIA Director, who has told the President and Congress that N. Korea poses an immediate threat to the homeland of the U.S.
Road to WW3 "URGENT WARNING" with Benjamin Baruch and J.R. Nyquist – video of week
Trump Warns European Allies: Fix Iran Nuclear Deal’s ‘Disastrous Flaws’ — or America Withdraws
New UN Boss Unveils Plan to Promote Global Mass Migration – HOLLY NOTE: We have warned of this over the years and now you're seeing it as an unmasked plan in action. Globalists want to wipe out cultural differences, border walls, muddy ethnic heritages and extinguish our different traits. It is their desire to create 'a race of tan' throughout the world while wiping out 'undesirables'. The best way to accomplish this is to make some areas of the planet uninhabitable by fomenting wars and discontent, letting disease spread, and by altering weather so natural disasters escalate and crops are destroyed. Last year was the worst in recorded history, and mass migration? We've been chronicling these activities for over a decade. Stan first told me of the globalists' plan more than 2 decades ago though he knew about it for at least twice that long.
The Carefully Calculated Mass Migration Agenda – flashback
Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests
Mass Migration: The European Commission's New "Norm"
A Mass Migration Crisis, and It May Yet Get Worse – flashback
Young Britons 'Paying The Price' for Decade of Mass Migration
Venezuela on the Edge: Hunger Drives Thousands of Refugees to Colombia – video
Mohammed Is Most Popular Name for Newborn Boys in Holland for 2
nd Year Straight
7 Reasons Pope Is Wrong About Immigration
Pakistan Threatens India With Nuclear War After Indian Army Chief's Statement
JAN 12
North Korea's Punggye-Ri Nuclear Test Site Has 'Significant' Work Underway
Want to Strike North Korea? It’s Not Going to Go the Way You Think.
Amid North Korea Tensions, US Shows Off Military Might in Guam – video
Canada's Trudeau Changes Tune, Tells Salvadorans: Don't Come Here! – HOLLY NOTE: For some reason when Trudeau wants to protect Canada's borders and choose who to let it into his country, it is his right. When Trump does it, he's a racist.
U.N. Probe Details Fallout of Proxy War in Yemen Between Saudi Coalition and Iran
Becoming Swiss Will Be Harder in 2018
Switzerland Denies Citizenship to Welfare Recipients Unless They Pay It Back
Ecuador Confirms Grants Naturalization to Wikileaks Founder Assange
U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out a Massacre in Haiti; Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored
JAN 10
Outrage after Alitalia Destroys 17th Century Instrument Worth $200G
"A Strange Coincidence": US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack
Trudeau Asked How He Feels About Being the First PM Guilty of Federal Crime
Anger as ‘Underage’ Migrant in Controversial ‘Teen Love’ Children’s Documentary Revealed as Adult
Mass Migration: The European Commission's New "Norm"
Boat Smuggling African Migrants Sinks in Mediterranean, 64 Feared Dead
The Hive Mind
Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech
Scotland May Become First British Nation to Let Non-Citizen Muslim Migrants Vote, Bringing Concerns of Election-Rigging By Pro-Muslim Migration Parties
Report: Kremlin Looking to Influence Mexico’s 2018 Presidential Election
Czech President Milos Zeman: “There Are 100 Million MORE Muslim Migrants in Africa Trying to Reach Europe”
Denmark and Austria Making Their Countries Very Inhospitable Places for Muslim Migrants
Hungary's Leader Explains How His Country Is Successfully Keeping Out Illegal Alien Muslim Migrants, and Will Continue to Do So
Burning Tanker Off Chinese Coast 'in Danger of Exploding'
US Sanctions 5 Iranian Entities for Work on Ballistic Missile Program
North Korea Accidentally Hit One of Its Own Cities with a Missile
Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates Alex Jones About Iran – video
Somali Immigrant Allegedly Tried to Rape Woman in Labor
Here Is What's Holding Back China's Plans for World Domination
‘World’s Most Expensive Vodka Bottle’ Stolen from Danish Bar
DEFCON Warning System Level Issued as North Korea to Test Missile ‘Sooner Than Expected’
Secret Doc Shows China Promising to Give Nukes to NKorea
Kim Jong-un to Build North Korea’s Largest Rocket Yet
Map of Iran Protests  - January 1, 2018
Twitter Suspends Ex-Muslim Cartoonist, Allows Hamas and Hezbollah
NKorean Soldiers Steal Food from Starving Civilians
Leaked Meeting Notes Show How Panicked Iranian Regime Considered Stopping Deadly Protests: 'God Help Us'
Hundreds Arrested, at Least 21 Dead…
Trump, Haley Declare America Stands with the Iranian People
Trumps Tweet That the U.S. Has Given Pakiston $33 Billion in Aid – and for What?
US Intelligence Reportedly Gives Israel Green Light to Assassinate Iran's Top General
What US Should Do as Protests Escalate in Iran Against Islamist Regime
Team Obama Warns Trump to BACK OFF Supporting Iran Protests
Trump: ‘No More’ Aid to Pakistan, ‘They Have Given Us Nothing but Lies and Deceit’
New Year's Eve 2017 2018 Around the World