A Dosimeter Charger is used to charge or "zero" the Dosimeter.


1. Point the dosimeter at a source of light (figure 4) - even a match, a candle or flashlight will do - and observe the position of the hairline indicator. If the line is visible and positioned less than mid-scale, record reading. If the line is at or above mid-scale or not visible, the dosimeter must be rezeroed. To rezero, a dosimeter charger is required.

2. To operate the Dosimeter Charger, loosen thumbscrew in the top or bottom center of
the charger with a coin such as a dime and remove bottom case. Install battery (in correct way, + and -) and reassemble.

3. Position the charger on a flat surface such as a table. Unscrew the cap on the charging contact and place end of the dosimeter opposite pocket clip and eye piece on charging contact of charger. (see figure 5)

4. Apply downward pressure and you should see a meter scale and a line while looking through the dosimeter. If no line is visible,
rotate the control knob, located in the upper right hand corner (figure 5), until a line appears.

5. Set line to or near zero (figure 6) by turning control knob (figure 5).

6. To read dosimeter at any time - point at source of light and observe setting by looking through dosimeter (figure 4). Reading of figure 7 is 75 Roentgens. Your accumulated exposure in Roentgens is this number less the initial reading you recorded.