Expected Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity
for the Next 1-5 Days

Are YOU Prepared?

February 7, 2005
By Stan Deyo
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Major areas of interest: There are a lot of circles today. Not all of them are urgent, but do indicate increasing seismic activity and should be watched over the next few days. Of particular note; however, are the circles all around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Most notably are Kamchatka, Japan, Indonesia, New Guinea, Fiji and New Zealand and from Ecuador to Guatemala, right up to the Juan de Fuca plate.

The area building around Hawaii has been developing over the last three days and may indicate a buckling in the region.

Under the Ivory Coast of West Africa, a huge thermal signature is building which may indicate notable seismic activity.

There may be some small shakes along the New Madrid zone.

(DEYO NOTES: Ecuador's Geophysics Institute at the National Polytechnic School, does not list quakes on a daily basis as does the USGS and other entities, but when there are significant events, they post them in PDFs. A sometimes more all-encompassing earthquake resource than USGS is EMSC - European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. Go to their current map, go to their current list.

Stan's analysis shows areas of possible earthquake or volcanic activity, or extreme storm conditions for the next 1 to 5 days. Pay particular attention to areas marked by white circles. The continuous yellow line denotes plate tectonic boundaries as well as the Ring of Fire.

Disclaimer: Some of the forecast stress areas can be in error up to 30% due to cloud cover interference and false signals from buoys.