Expected Earthquake, Volcanic or Storm Activity for the Next 1 to 5 Days

Are YOU Prepared?

October 8, 2005
By Stan Deyo
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USA: Possible small seismic event in Alabama/Tennessee region. Hard to be sure as it is so far on land from sea coast.

East China Sea: Medium seismic signal.

West Caroline Basin (just north of New Guinea): Showing strong seismic signal.
Indian Ocean: The Seychelle Islands showing medium to strong seismic signal.

Arabian Sea: Off coast of Oman showing small seismic signal... probably related to the ongoing Pakistan quake aftershocks north of this location

The aftershocks in Pakistan have been impressive. The seismic pressures in the Indian ocean community continue. The New Guinea region is still active and may continue to impress this coming week. The storms off the coast of northwest Africa still indicate more severe weather is heading for America's southern and eastern coastlines.

Today I have added an extra color dimension to the raw data map. You will notice a rainbow effect from the equator outwards. This is because I have added the actual sea surface temperature map from the hottest (red) at the equator to the coolest (blue) at the poles. Notice where there are major temperature change boundaries that there are more rapid temperature deviations along the line between the colors. Hope this improves your understanding of the data.

-Stan Deyo

Stan's analysis shows areas of possible earthquake or volcanic activity, or extreme storm conditions for the next 1 to 5 days. Pay particular attention to areas marked by white circles. The continuous yellow line denotes plate tectonic boundaries as well as the Ring of Fire. Go to the raw data map where it is easier to see the areas of concern. Go to Stan's earthquake map archives.

NEW FEATURE: The circles in varying shades of red are quake prediction zones Stan made from 1 to 4 days ago - with dark red being 1 day ago and the lightest red being 4 days ago. White circles are Stan's prediction zones for today. Tomorrow these white circles will become dark red and will get lighter as each day passes until they are removed.

DEYO NOTES: For earthquake maps, see the USGS "shake maps" (click anywhere on the global map for a closer view). For quakes USGS may not list, go to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center's map and scroll to the bottom of the page for a global view. You can compare these maps for the next 5 days to Stan's NCODA maps, to see the hits of his seismic target zones (white circles).

Earthquake lists can viewed at EMCS and at USGS.

Ecuador's Geophysics Institute at the National Polytechnic School, does not list quakes on a daily basis as does the USGS and other entities, but when there are significant events, they post them in PDFs.

Disclaimer: Some of the forecast stress areas can be in error up to 30% due to cloud cover variations and false signals from buoys.