The Need To Know
December 12, 2002
By Holly Deyo

The Threat

"And Brothers All Are We. . ."
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"Virtually everything that aliens do is in service to their abduction program. Every seemingly incomprehensible or absurd alien activity has, upon examination, a logical basis. One by one, these actions have begun to lose their mystery and reveal their true purposes.

"When researchers first learned about the abduction phenomenon, they generally assumed that, if it was real, its objective was to investigate humans. That was why aliens abducted humans, examined them, and then released them. Because this scenario occurred repeatedly, researchers concluded that the aliens were conducting a long-term study and benignly collecting data. That belief gave the public a comfortable feeling because it suggested a scientific, and therefore nonhostile, intent.

"We now know that the abduction phenomenon as a whole is not for the purpose of research. The evidence suggests that all the alien procedures serve a reproductive agenda. And at the heart of the reproductive agenda is the Breeding Program, in which the aliens collect human sperm and eggs, incubate fetuses to mentally and physically interact with these hybrids for the purposes of their development."6

Hybridized fetuses in incubatoriums

According to Dr. Jacobs' findings, virtually all female abductees are implanted with hybridized fetuses. They may or may not realize this has occurred. Aliens take no chances and generally remove the fetus within 90 days. The hybrid fetus has no umbilical cord and grows the rest of the time in a nutrient solution or alien female.

One alien shed light on their activity to an abductee in an uncharacteristic open moment:

"We sometimes use the female human as a host for genetic reproductive purposes. We feel that if the female of the species knows that her body is being used as a host, she may wish to remove what she feels isn't hers. So we put a very strong blank (block) on her memory process so that she has no idea that the implant has been put there.

"We feel that it is better for the female if we do not leave the implant in. We are able to bring the fetus to term using our own females, but the first within the first trimester it must be removed so that the female human does not realize she is host to an implant.

"We find psychologically, within the first trimester, if the female host is unaware of the implant, she goes about her normal routine, and it does not have a debilitating effect on the fetus. Upon removal, we put another blank on the female human host so that in the future we can do this same procedure and she will be accustomed to it.7

"Grey" fetuses in incubatoriums allegedly in underground genetics laboratory beneath Dulce, NM. (Photo montage captured off Real Player)


Since the much publicized Roswell incident, there have been literally millions of UFO sightings and at least 50,000 documented abduction cases. Yet a portion of society is stuck debating whether or not these phenomena occur. That's exactly the way the aliens like it. Part of the reason they've been so successful is that "memories of their experiences (are) locked into their minds entwined within a labyrinth of dreams, confabulation, false memories, and induced images. . . And if abductees recover these experiences, they endure societal strictures, ridicule, disbelief, and condescension."8

With secrecy intact regarding anything to do with aliens and UFOs - the key to acceptance and "normalcy" in society - their Breeding Program's success is assured and why it has, according to Dr. Jacobs, grown to immense proportions. He estimates that at least 2% - 5% of the population and possibly as much as 8% has been abducted since the late 1800s.9


According to Dr. Jacobs' research, the breeding program is not without its problems and the desired "being" is not achieved until after multiple generations.

The first step is to combine egg, sperm and alien genetic material. The result of this union, hybrid.1, has been grown partially in a female human host and partly in a gestation device. The next generation offspring (hybrid.2) still look mostly alien with the large black eyes and no whites, pointed chins and high cheekbones; hair is sparse and their bodies are just a little larger.
The next stage which may be hybrid.3 results from a human egg and sperm and adding genetic material from hybrid.2s. These beings look very human, may be able to "pass" as human if wearing sunglasses since they still have too much black in their eyes and too little in the eyebrow and eyelash department.

Any further stages in the hybridization process and these beings could easily pass as human. Their eyes are normal - often blue, skin color is humanlike though a little pale. Their hair is generally blond, but most do not have body or pubic hair though their reproductive organs look and function normally. Their bodies which can be thin or muscular are never overweight. It is these late-stage hybrids that abductees refer to as the "Nordics" says Dr. Jacobs.


According to Dr. Jacobs' research, the grays themselves are unable to reproduce. So are many of the earlier stage hybrids. Females have great difficulty in producing live births. The aliens need to hybridize the specie enough to reproduce dependably yet retain their ability to mindscan and higher intelligence. Ultimately, the hybridization Breeding Program is the heart and necessity of aliens' goals. Just what are those intentions?


One experience numerous abductees share is a glimpse of the future - or is it. . . At least this is what they are led to believe. Abductees are shown images of great destruction including tidal waves, floods, earthquakes, atomic bombs and the aftermath of war. Death permeates every scene with entire cities annihilated. They are told this devastation is the byproduct of human behavior. Time and again, abductees hear grays lament the environment's degradation, but do nothing to alleviate the problem. This isn't even their planet. Why should they care so intensely what happens here? Unless. . .

It can't be because they're so benevolent. Benevolence and kindness does not include abducting unwilling humans beings; subjecting them to painful procedures which sometimes leaves gynecological and urological dysfunction and physical scarring - certainly emotional scarring; forcing them into humiliating and abusive sexual encounters, including rape; and leaving people with phobias and terrorized back in their own environment wondering when they will be kidnapped next.

Alien supporters who try to put a positive face on this horrifying treatment liken it to a trip to the dentist claiming that long-term benefits outweigh any physical and emotional pain of the experiences. They feel that the fear and pain are an insignificant price to pay for what they'll reap in the future.

So what is all this inhuman interest in our blue marble? It's excessive unless. . . unless they have a stake in it. After these vivid "mind movies" are shown to the majority of abductees, "Abductees are led to believe that this is going to happen, that it need not happen, and that humans have caused it. The aliens sometimes suggest a way to avoid destruction -- themselves.
"10 What a surprise.


Sitting here on a gloriously beautiful Colorado day, the following rings crazy in my ears even after reading the books and hearing the interviews. It feels like stepping outside reality. Perhaps it's because we've never seen an alien - to our knowledge, not even one of their ships, yet a gut feel and the testimony/experiences of thousands of abductees can not be ignored.

According to Dr. Jacobs information gathering from abductees, the aliens have a 4-part agenda which is to be implemented in three stages: gradual, accelerated and then sudden:
1. Abduction
2. Breeding
3. Hybridization
4. Integration

It doesn't take blind Freddy to see where we are. According to Dr. Jacobs' findings, we are well into the hybridization process and are at the doorway and may have already passed blindly into early "integration". With the vast increase of sightings over the past five years, we surely are near the tail-end of "accelerated" - at least. If so, due to denial and cover-ups, this doesn't leave a lot of maneuvering room.


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