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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, Aug 14. Listen

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NEWS for AUGUST 21 – National Senior Citizens Day

Cat 4 Hurricane Lane Could Come Dangerously Close to the Hawaiian Islands Late This Week

Evacuations Ordered, Person Swept Away in Wisconsin Floods

800,000 Displaced In Flooding In Southern India’s Kerala State
53 Major Earthquakes Just Hit The Ring of Fire in a 24 Hour Period

India Flood Death Toll Jumps To 357 Amid Fears Of Disease In Camps
Next Ban Contact Lenses? Millions Are Ending Up In The Water
The Tax Cuts Gift

Trump 'Not Thrilled' With Fed Chair Over Interest Rate Increases
Economic Freedom Improves Lives, Yet Another Study Finds
Tesla in Turmoil: JP Morgan Predicts 30% Stock Plunge
California Moving To Mandate Abortion Pills On Campus
Bed Bug Outbreak Hits British Cities
More People Died From Opioid Overdoses Than By Guns Or Car Crashes In 2017, Preliminary Data Shows
CDC: Sleeping in Contact Lenses Can Lead To Permanent Vision Loss
New Abortion-Themed Ice Cream Flavor Is Truly Tasteless

Microchipping Employees, The Next Terrible Technology Wave
Growing China Cyber Threat From Smart-Home Devices
Let There Be Light Bulbs! Trump Looks To Flip Switch On Obama Ban

The Search for Mollie Tibbits Ends in Tragedy

Mark Warner Files Amendment To Block Trump From Removing Critics' Security Clearances

Why John Brennan Should Lose Security Clearance: Kennedy
3 Pennsylvania Men Face Over 1,400 Counts Each of Sexually Abusing Farm Animals 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Romans 1:28-29

The Chinese Have Infiltrated American Universities and Trump and Ted Cruz Are Moving to Counter
What to Expect if Democrats Win the Midterms
Okinawa-Based Marines’ ‘USA’ Dance Video Goes Viral in Japan
David Hogg Turns on ‘Older’ Dems; They ‘Won’t Move the F— Off the Plate And Let Us Take Control’

Christopher Watts, Charged With 5 Counts Of Murder, Accused Wife Of Killing Their Daughters, Police Say

Ellison's Political Future 'on The Ropes' After Ex-Girlfriend's Claims Of Abuse

Jerry Brown Sets Record of 1,018 Pardons in 8 Years
CA Legislative Committees Pass 7 Gun Control Bills
Following Orders From Pres. Trump, ICE Deports Former Nazi Labor Camp Guard Who Lied About His Past

“Shameful” – Trump Rips Portland Mayor For Not Protecting ICE Agents During Month-Long Protest
Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Sexual Battery Against 16-Year-Old Florida Girl

In White House Tribute, Trump Hails ICE, Border Agents As Patriots And Heroes

2 Days, 2 Pursuits, 8 Illegal Migrants and 2 Smugglers in Custody

4 Key Facts About ICE, and What Could Happen If It’s Abolished
Trump: ‘Open-Border Extremists’ Oppose ICE, Border Patrol
Venezuela's Economy In Complete Collapse - And The Mother Of All Human Waves Outward Begins
South Africa Begins Seizing White-Owned Farms In Land Redistribution Program

Q - The Plan To Save The World
Another Attempt, Another Failure Of Suppression Of Faith
As Hajj Begins, Ayatollah Urges Pilgrims to ‘Ask Allah to Cut The Hands of the US’
Atheists Want General Behind Bars for Praying for the US
Dog Comforts Rescued Pony That Was Starved of Food and Affection

Endangered Species Law Costing The Economy Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars, Says CEI

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